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Why Take a Europe River Cruise?

River cruising has been growing in popularity for the last two decades, with more and more cruise companies and ships plying the great rivers of Europe. Taking a Europe river cruise appeals to a wide range of travelers, which also makes it especiall...
by on Jun 10, 2016

The magic of Amazon River

Amazon River means for many people something fantastic, something over natural. Fact is, Amazon River is magic, irresistible and attractive. One fifth of the total water reserves of the Earth flow... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websi...
by Travel on May 22, 2016

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Part 2: Budapest, Hungary

Where is the good in goodbye? ~Meredith Wilson   As you saw in part 1, we had only seen a fraction of what Budapest has to offer! To be completely honest with you, I seriously could not stop taking pictures from left to right, up and down. Every...
by Traveller Soul on Oct 28, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Day 7 Part 1: Budapest, Hungary

My house is in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest. For you I’d leave it all. – George Ezra   I have something to confess. In all honesty I was just so not ready and did NOT want to leave Vienna so soon as there were still so many places left to...
by Traveller Soul on Oct 21, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Day 6: Vienna, Austria

“Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe” After visiting UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Melk Abbey, we came back on board our Long ship, Viking Atla, enjoyed our lunch al fresco while admiring the beauty of the Wachau Valley which is renowned...
by Traveller Soul on Oct 13, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Day 4: Passau, Germany

The city of Regensburg was definitely a lovely yet unexpected surprise. I could not believe that we covered quite a bit of terrain in just a few hours and once again I have to thank my adventurous travel companion Marian for deciding to skip the grou...
by Traveller Soul on Sep 15, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Day 3 Part 2: Regensburg, Germany

As you saw in Part 1, Alte Kapelle is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Those are the three words I can find to simply describe it! We walked around the building to take as many photos as possible, and from various angles and even the ceiling...
by Traveller Soul on Sep 3, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube Day 3 Part 1: Regensburg, Germany

After the foodie fest we enjoyed on Day 2, we travelled overnight and it was smooth sailing all the way. We enjoyed peaceful sleep that even if there were locks along the way, we were not disturbed at all! We woke up early that chilly, Wednesday morn...
by Traveller Soul on Aug 26, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube: Day 2

After getting peaceful, restful and much-needed sleep (trust me I would have slept much longer if I had the chance) to recover from the previous day, we were woken up that Monday morning by the sound of fellow passengers who getting ready to go on th...
by Traveller Soul on Aug 17, 2015

Viking River Cruise on the Danube: Day 1

Arriving in Nuremberg, Germany a day prior to our very first Viking River Cruise on the Danube to explore the city, taste regional delicacies and drink like the locals was such a great idea! For that I need to thank my great friend and fellow travel...
by Traveller Soul on Aug 12, 2015

Amelia River Cruises Fernandina Beach, Florida

RealAdventuresAmelia River Cruises Fernandina Beach, Florida Scenic Cruises & Boat ToursAmelia River Cruises & Charters offers richly historic narrated sightseeing cruises, sunset cruises and eco tours.Starting at $16 Per Person >> Clic...
by Eden Virtual Travel on Jul 10, 2015

Destinations of the month: Germany, Austria and Hungary with Viking River Cruises

Guten Tag! Cheers from Germany everyone. I am very happy to finally share the destination I am currently in :) I finally am getting to experience what a river cruise is all about and what better way than traveling with one of the best and most presti...
by Traveller Soul on Jun 8, 2015

Viking River Cruises expands to Mississippi

#expeditioncruising Report just in from Seatrade Insider, indicates the European river cruising giant, Viking, will soon have vessels on the Mississippi. Viking currently operates 60 vessels across Europe, Russia and Asia.Viking's planned Mississipp...
by Expedition Cruising on Feb 24, 2015

Life in remote villages of the Upper Amazon of Peru

One of the highlights of a riverboat tour in the Upper Amazon was the opportunity to visit remote villages that sit beside the many rivers in the Pacaya-Samiria government reserve near Iquitos, Peru. A boy in Urarina, Peru, said he speared these fish...
by Travel Maven on Apr 24, 2014

The first Gorge of the Lesser Three Gorges is the Dragon Gate Gorge

The first Gorge of the Lesser Three Gorges is the Dragon Gate Gorge. About 3,281 yards long, the Dragon Gate Gorge refers to the section of river from the west pass of Wu Gorge to the Yinwo Tan. The precipitous cliffs at the mouth face each other alo...
by Unique China Blog on Feb 19, 2014

Good Morning, Vietnam, cruising on the mighty Mekong River

Passengers on the Avalon Angkor cross into Vietnam on the Mekong, cruising backwaters for local markets and opportunities to meet people who live beside the rivers and channels.
by Travel Maven on Dec 30, 2013

Cruising Cambodia from rural villages to the gruesome Killing Fields

Floating on the Tonle Sap toward Phnom Penh, stopping at ancient sites and visiting villages, passengers on Avalon Angkor begin to get a real picture of life in rural Cambodia.
by Travel Maven on Dec 29, 2013

10 of the prettiest river journeys in Europe

Messing about on the river is one of the finer ways to enjoy some of Europe's most scenic views – there are plenty of opportunities to cast off and gently sail through the countryside, or even join a luxury cruise through some of Europe's biggest c...
by Globalgrasshopper on Nov 28, 2013

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, River Tosca

Discover Egypt like never before, aboard Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, River Tosca. A stress-free vacation experience, this water-fairing journey through some of Africa’s most culturally and ecologically rich regions will have you...
by Luxury Pictures on Jun 30, 2013

Cruise Weekly: Awaken Burma

By Roderick EimeIt seems everyone’s eyes are on Burmaas the new tourism destination. But after languishing for years with sanctions and restrictions, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will struggle to cope with the anticipated influx of western...
by Expedition Cruising on Jun 18, 2013

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