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Probably the most scary medical procedure to even observe, is surgery performed on someone’s eye. I imagine design can go a long way in not just making that procedure simpler, faster, and more effective, but also in making the idea of it less daunt...
by Best Environment Design on Aug 23, 2016

The Advantages Of Wired And Wireless Routers

The best router in the world is the router that meets your needs. Networking is possible because of the router. At the heart of each individual network is actually a router. It is the device that makes the sharing of information among computers possi...
by Tricky ideas on Nov 18, 2010

Breakthrough for the Surgical Industry, “Robodoc”

There is a surgical robot much beloved by orthopedic surgeons, it has been referred to as 'the Robodoc.' Why is the Robodoc (the world's first automatic surgical robot) prized by global medical circles? To learn what is behind the Robodoc's popularit...
by Tricky ideas on Nov 10, 2010

Robodoc [Rmvb] [Sub Español] [2009]

by Full Soft Gamer on Jul 9, 2010

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