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Moroccan Rose Water : Skin Care Benefits of Pure Rose Water

There are more than one qualities of Moroccan Rose water that speak of the numerous benefits that it has. It’s been used as a natural skin care since Egyptian times or even before. The essence of Rose water has found a place in a lot of things rang...
by So Moroccan on Oct 8, 2016

Rosewater Toner

Rosewater is a by-product of rose essential oil and can also be made by distilling fresh rose petals into water.  Rosewater is a natural astringent which makes it a great toner for oily or troubled skin and easy to apply…Read more ›...
by Refreshing Beauty Bath on Dec 1, 2014

Do You Really Need Toner?

Toner has undergone an interesting transformation in the past few decades. When I was in skincare school, even our relatively modern study material referred to it by the mostly now-dated term “astringent.” That word conjures up tactile me...
by Lipstick and Luxury on Mar 31, 2011

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