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Bloomberg On Chicago: ‘Nowhere Will Political Power Evaporate More Dramatically’ When Donald Trump Takes Office

If readers still don’t think there will be repercussions to Chicago from a Trump administration despite its unabashed support for Hillary Clinton on Election Day (the Democrat received 83.63% of the city’s votes on Election Day), its offi...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 7, 2016

Signs Of The Time, Part 115

This “Signs Of The Time” post is actually about signage. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s honorary street signs in downtown Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported this afternoon: After much fanfare from Chicago aldermen over the r...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 7, 2016

This Last Week's Poll

This Last Week's Poll question, Sanctuary Cities are...Safer than others 0%A good idea 0%An idea whose time has come & gone 8%Responsible for the death of Kate Steinle 50%In violation of Federal Law 75%Evidence once again that Proof Positive read...
by Proof Positive on Jul 23, 2015

"Is San Francisco's Sanctuary Policy a License to Kill?"

The headline of this post, "Is San Francisco's Sanctuary Policy a License to Kill?", and the dead tree editorial I took it from, might seem to be a bit hyperbolic, or extreme. Until you consider when it was published: December 5, 2012.Debra Saunders...
by Proof Positive on Jul 17, 2015

Jerry Seinfeld describes an open border policy (Video)

Except the people Seinfeld describes don't compare to the criminals coming across today!And if Seinfeld was still making new episodes today, I wonder how he would spoof sanctuary cities because, like open borders, there is nothing funny about harbori...
by The Political Commentator on Jul 16, 2015

Straight Talk from Judge Jeanine on Sanctuary Cities

by Proof Positive on Jul 13, 2015

Judicial Watch: 165,900 Convicted Criminal Aliens Released Throughout U.S. By Immigration And Customs Enforcement

Security and self-defense are often on my mind these days. Even more so after reading the following yesterday on the website of Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based conservative, non-partisan educational foundation. From their “Press Room”: J...
by Survival And Prosperity on Mar 24, 2015

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wants Chicago To Become ‘The Most Immigrant-Friendly City In The Country’

Sanctuary cities are communities that provide a safe haven for undocumented immigrants, where police do not enforce federal immigration laws. -Definition for “sanctuary cities” from (part of The New York Times) Chicago, Illinois, has be...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 10, 2012

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