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Derailed Diet Excuses That Just Don't Work

This had to pop up sooner or later, what with my making fun of whiny heavy people who are only heavy through their own lack of will power (and I can say that, as I've had to jump back on the diet bandwagon myself because of some poor diet choices - d

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

He'll eat it. That simple. He'll eat it, and poop it out in your pantry on top of something not well sealed a few hours later.Both of my children have a Breakthrough to Literacy program going in each of their schools - which is great, don't

Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back

Ah, Meatloaf.You thought this was going to be some whiny emo post, didn't you? From me? Riiiight...Who doesn't love Meatloaf? That is, anyone who's heard of him and doesn't think he's the gloppy red-sauced stuff they serve at nurs

Here's a Bunny With a Pancake on its Head

Yup, it's another round of deep thoughts.Is it me, or are kids bigger than they used to be? Maybe the government should regulate the use of Miracle Grow on fruit and vegetable crops.Does the Disney Channel have a secret laboratory somewhere where the

Deep Thoughts

That’s right folks, it’s out with the mindless trash talking and in with this round of memorable quotes & conversations you really didn’t want to walk in on the middle of - Reality Challenged style. **Writer cannot be held accountable for s.

ConspiracyTheory #769 - Ninja Readers

Ok, I've been paying close attention to my page views the last few weeks - and my page views are jumping, but I'm getting no comments.Not even anonymous. Not even hate filled, misspelled pre-menstrual rants.I began to wonder why no one was comp

Conspiracy Theory #eleventy-seven - Evil Thoughts

There comes a time in even the nicest person's life where someone pisses you off to the point where you spend ridiculous amounts of hours plotting revenge. Myself, I have wonderful mental images that will pop up even when I'm talking to a person

Hooray for Boobies

Here's a fun fact: Aside from Oxygen, Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth. 97% of it is in L.A. 38% of that is under Pam Anderson's shirt.If I had a nickle for every time one of my guy friend told me they'd never leave the

Hide and Seek

I'm not sure if I'm the "cool aunt," or if I've unwittingly nominated myself family babysitter, but I've had a substantial rise in visits from my nieces and nephews in the past couple of weeks.I'm not complaining - in fa

Conspiracy Theory #34 - Contamination in the Gene Pool

Yea, I might already have a Conspiracy Theory #34, I don't care.God help me if I ever try to compile my ramblings and put them in numerical order. *shudder*Today's subject of my senseless rambling, in case you didn't already tell from the

Conspiracy Theory #11 - 5 Things That Will Kill our Conversation

You all know there are plenty of things that annoy me, or just plain piss me off due to the sheer stupidity of the matter....and yes, I know that I spend WAY too much time blogging about things that annoy me and piss me off due to the sheer stupidity...

Why I Will Never be able to Work in Customer Service

I'm the type of person who can work with people, if I absolutely have to, but for the most part I am better suited working in a dark, quiet corner all by my little lonesome. Why? I'm not sure really, but I know that generally if it came down to

I Think I might be Psychic

No, really.That's not a typo, I really meant "psychic," not "psychotic."Why? Allow me to explain.It could be the psychosis of parenthood or sleep deprivation, but I get Deja vu constantly. For instance, the other day my youngest d

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