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The farmer of Kotgarh

By SUSAN VISVANATHAN Feb 28 2014 The story of Samuel Evans aka Satyanand Stokes who brought new crops to Shimla. How I came across the farmer of Kotgarh is an interesting tale by itself. So bear me out before I … Continue reading →...
by KOTGARH on Jun 21, 2014

Christianity In Kotgarh

On 22nd February 1910, at the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection in Lahore, Bishop George Alfred Lefroy (1854-1922) inaugurated the Brotherhood of the Imitation of Jesus. Reverend Samuel Stokes (1882-1946), an American missionary, became the provis...
by KOTGARH on Oct 14, 2013

Samuel Evans Stokes (Satyanand Stokes)

Kotgarh valley is famous for its world class quality apples. The apple cultivation of the place was initiated by Satyanand Stokes who was an American missionary. Samuel Evans Stokes, an American Missionary landed in Kotgarh in 1904 as a young …...
by KOTGARH on Oct 7, 2013

A foreigner and a freedom fighter

Source: The Hindu | August 25, 2013 Raj Kanwar August 16 was the birth anniversary of the American who took part in India’s Independence struggle and gave Himachal Pradesh its signature apples. Raj Kanwar remembers Satyanand Stokes. Who was Sa...
by KOTGARH on Sep 2, 2013

Samuel Stokes: An American Jailed For India’s Cause

On Stokes’ arrest 17 years after his arrival in India, Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “That he (Stokes) should feel with and, like an Indian, share his sorrows and throw himself into the (freedom) struggle, has proved too much for the (British-Indian) gov...
by KOTGARH on Sep 11, 2011

The man behind the success story of Kotgarh

WALK into an apple orchard, small or large, in the upper hills between July and October, and the conversation inevitably veers around the ‘season’. Whther it is good, bad, or indifferent, whether there are gains or losses, whether the prices are...
by KOTGARH on Sep 17, 2010

How Apples came to India?

It was during a visit to America in 1915 that Samuel Stokes heard about the new strain of apples patented by the Stark Brothers nursery in Louisiana called the Red Delicious. He bought a few saplings and planted them at his Barobagh orchard in Thaned...
by KOTGARH on Sep 9, 2010

Thanedhar – A story of Stokes legacy

Enjoying an apple after a nice lunch on a Sunday ...
by Himachal Travel Blog on Aug 2, 2009

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