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Just stuff 2016-09-15

Just stuff from the middle of September, water shut off in canal about a month early sugar beets vines killed in potato field before harvest potato harvest corn to be chopped hay stacks small butterflyAntelope in ha...
by john's stuff on Dec 20, 2016

Snow storms 2016-12-18

Pictures of some snow storms of the past week or so.This storm turned to rain...
by john's stuff on Dec 19, 2016

Montana stuff 2016-08-22

Drive from Lolo Pass to Hamilton Montana. near Lolo pass...
by john's stuff on Dec 18, 2016

Idaho stuff 2016-10-20

Just a few pictures from around Idaho from the past couple of months. fall colors , Island Park Snake river near Ashton Near Howe in HowePied Billed Grebe, Market Lake wma...
by john's stuff on Dec 17, 2016

Snow storm 2016-12-16

It snowed all day long...
by john's stuff on Dec 16, 2016

Idaho Stuff 2016-08-22

On a drive from Lewiston to Grangeville to Kooskia to Lolo Pass. south fork Clearwater middle fork of Clearwater river Locksa river...
by john's stuff on Dec 15, 2016

Afternoon drive 2016-12-13

Local area afternoon drive, McTucker ponds froze over big southern butte American Falls reservoir froze over Springfield lake Part of Springfield lake frozen over...
by john's stuff on Dec 14, 2016

just stuff 2016-11-13

Some miscellaneous pictures from around the area... Tractor, caught in grass fire Hawk Trail herd of sheep on way to winter pastures American Falls Reservoir, about 10% full Golden Eagle...
by john's stuff on Dec 13, 2016

Afternoon drive 2016-05-30

A nice summer drive along Lincoln Creek road east of Blackfoot Idaho. old homestead desert/mountain flowers bull looking for actionTurkey vulture...
by john's stuff on Dec 12, 2016

Squirrels 2016-08-31

Some small animals around my place,...
by john's stuff on Dec 11, 2016

Oregon Stuff 2016-06-15

Heceta Beach, Florence Oregon, last June.
by john's stuff on Dec 10, 2016

Oregon stuff 2016-06-18

Oregon coastal, Heceta and Yachats. yachats beach whale spouting Whalesunset at Heceta beach...
by john's stuff on Dec 9, 2016

Trail Creek road 2016-05-25

The road between Sun Valley and Mackay, the Trail Creek Road, up Trail Creek, down Summit Creek and along the Big Lost River.  A very beautiful drive most of the year, (closed in winter) Big lost river Wild horse Summit creek ...
by john's stuff on Dec 8, 2016

Oregon stuff 2016-06-10

Some more Oregon Pictures along the coast from Lincoln City to CoosBay.
by john's stuff on Dec 7, 2016

Just birds 2016-05-18

Just a few bird pictures from here and there around Idaho. Sandhill Cranes Northern Pintail duck Western Kingbird Meadow Lark Eastern KingbirdSwainson's hawk...
by john's stuff on Dec 6, 2016

Moon pictures 2016-11-13

Just some moon pictures from a three day period.
by john's stuff on Dec 5, 2016

Montello NV 2016-11-13

In Northeast Nevada, on NV233, a very small town called Montello. bar and cafe another bar gas station...
by john's stuff on Dec 4, 2016

Antelope Creek road 2016-08-05

From Arco up US93 to Darlington and then up Antelope Creek until I got a Flat tire.
by john's stuff on Dec 3, 2016

Utah Road trip 2016-11-14

Drive from Wendover Utah to Tooele, to Delta, to Cedar City. Bonneville salt flats salt water ponds salt mine in or near Tooele close to Delta solar and wind farms close to Cedar City(2016-12-02 in Dillon MT tonight...
by john's stuff on Dec 2, 2016

Blackfoot River 2016-05-24

Spring time drive along the Blackfoot River, eastern Idaho.(2016-12-01 headed to Dillon MT tomorrow)...
by john's stuff on Dec 1, 2016

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