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Download First Galaxy Note 7 N930F N930FXXU1APG7 ROM : build.prop reveals specs

We have heard enough rumors, leaks, allegations, etc. about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, here is proof of the “to be” flagship killer from Samsung. As we have stated in the previous post about Note 7 that its model number...
by Android Sage on Jul 30, 2016

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special - PS4 PSV PS3

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs is an enhanced version of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, which was originally released in Europe in 2015.The game is a visual novel that offers a unique battle system and an immersive tale of life, d...
by gamezplay on Jul 30, 2016

HIT hack-and-slash RPG update - Increase level cap, new areas, bosses in huge NEW update - iOS Android

All players will be able to experience a wealth of new content as a huge update for the visually stunning mobile RRG is now available – which raises the level cap, adds new areas, challenge rooms, a fearsome new raid boss and much, much more.Read m...
by gamezplay on Jul 27, 2016

Weapons of Mythology - New Age MMORPG - September release - PC

Weapons of Mythology - New Age -, a free to play MMORPG that had achieved a great success this year in Japan on the PS4 platform.The first beta will be available during September. The game is expected to be released during winter 2016 in English, Ger...
by gamezplay on Jul 27, 2016

Life is Strange game to become a Digital Series - Episode One is now FREE

Life Is Strange follows the story of photography enthusiast Max Caulfield, a high-school senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The pair soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fe...
by gamezplay on Jul 27, 2016

First screens of Digger Machine 2

Hi guys and girls, We have a wonderful news for you! Currently we’re working on Digger Machine 2 and everything goes according to our plan. Digger Machine 2 will be set in a cold ice world, where instead of digging though the ground, you dig th...
by e-Rapid Games on Jul 22, 2016

How screenshots will end people’s careers

I must have been six, when the lady who was taking care of us as mum went about looking for bread and butter came to the outdoor makeshift kitchen to find me caressing a snake that was warming itself beneath the fire stone. We lived in the rocky outc...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jun 13, 2016

Franchise Hockey Manager 2: FHM 2 – Der Eishockeymanager jetzt im Handel

2tainment veröffentlicht den zweiten Teil des erfolgreichen Eishockey-Managers für Windows PC & Mac Schon der erste Teil wusste mit seinen interaktiven und individuellen Taktikmöglichkeiten zu gefallen. Die neue Version geht […] ... Weit...
by on Apr 8, 2016

Game Tycoon 2 verlässt heute die Early Access-Phase

Köln, 08.04.2016 – Game Tycoon 2 wird heute die Early Access-Phase auf Steam verlassen. Seit Oktober 2015 befand sich das Spiel im Early Access. In dieser Zeit wurden zahlreiche Wünsche […] ... Weiterlesen bei
by on Apr 8, 2016

Die Landwirtschaft 2017 erschienen

UIG: Genießen Sie das abwechslungsreiche Gameplay in einer großen, freien Spielwelt und orientieren Sie sich wie im richtigen Leben an den verschiedenen Jahreszeiten. Je besser Sie planen und je genauer […] ... Weiterlesen bei
by on Mar 24, 2016

Forstwirtschaft 2017 – Die Simulation erscheint am 25. März

UIG Entertainment freut sich, das offizielle Releasedatum der neuen Simulation „Forstwirtschaft 2017 – Die Simulation“ bekannt zu geben. Schon am 25. März heißt es für Simulatoren Fans die Motorsäge zu […] ... Weiterlesen bei TopFree.
by on Mar 21, 2016

Crazy Machines 3 kommt!

Ein neues Crazy Machines wird noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen. Tüftelfans dürfen sich also freuen von FAKT Software und Daedalic einen brandneuen Titel präsentiert zu bekommen. Einen ersten Trailer, Eindrücke […] ... Weiterlesen bei TopFree.
by on Mar 17, 2016

15 Yakuza Kiwami Screenshots

Read more here...Subscribe on YouTube - over 72 million views!
by gamezplay on Jan 30, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Screenshots - PS4 XO

In the Kingdom of Lucis, King Regis has maintained a protective barrier around the crown city by channeling the magical energy of the crystal, but the strain has taken a toll on his body. Aged and weakened, with the imperial might of Niflheim at his...
by gamezplay on Jan 30, 2016

Crazy dodgeball game Stikbold! heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Mac this spring

It’s time to brush off those sweatbands, comb your stache and dig out those strangely short shorts as 70s-inspired dodgeball game Stikbold! makes its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Mac this spring.From Danish development team Game Swing and...
by gamezplay on Jan 29, 2016

Armored Warfare 0.13 update brings Chinese Tanks - PC

0.13 update of Armored Warfare launching on February 11. Rising new arms dealer Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous vehicles will then become available for all tank Commanders.Not only will players be able to interact with Feng’s arsenal of tank...
by gamezplay on Jan 29, 2016

FPS Gunscape release date set for March 2nd - PC Mac Linux PS4 XO

Players will be able to create, share and play their own FPS campaigns and multiplayer maps as well as play those made by other gamers. Maps and campaigns will be shareable across all supported platforms.Gunscape offers intense run and gun first-per...
by gamezplay on Jan 27, 2016

Hero Forces, the Real-Time PvP Shooter - iOS Android

Blow Away Enemies in the Intense Cover Shooter that plays like a Non-Stop, Over-the-Top Action Film.What has two thumbs and can save the world from terrorists? Mobile gamers who download Hero Forces… Playcube, a rising mobile games developer, annou...
by gamezplay on Jan 27, 2016

2 neue Screenshots zu Gold Rush! 2

Köln, 22.12.2015 – Sunlight Games hat heute zwei weitere Screenshots zu Gold Rush! 2, dem Nachfolger von Gold Rush! Anniversary, veröffentlicht. Alle Screenshots haben weiterhin „Work-in-Progress-Status“. Gold Rush! 2 wird […]...
by on Dec 22, 2015

Patch für Crazy Robot: One Hundred Ways

Sunlight Games hat ein großes Update für One Hundred Ways veröffentlicht. Das Update wird in Kürze auch im Downloadbereich auf der Website von Sunlight Games für die Box-Version verfügbar sein. […] ... Weiterlesen bei
by on Nov 16, 2015

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