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Freeware! Malaysia Prayer Times For Windows and Smartphone

This software will help to know prayer times in Malaysia and now available for smartphone. First i using this software only available for PC@computer. Don't worry for searching Malaysia Prayer Times at Play Store on your tablet because difficult to d...
by HowToDo on Jul 13, 2015

How to Know Your Phone is Original or Fake

Fraud case of electronic like smartphone cannot be prohibited at anywhere and places because people can do aything even make clone for food? never heard about that? what's i know popular countries whos make anything clone is China, so beware yourself...
by HowToDo on Jul 13, 2015

How To Print Screen Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G Video Tutorial

What device are you using? smartphone? tablet? iphone? anything else.. ok here i want to share about how to print screen using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G. This tab is my secondary phone just for helping me to find out any information i want. I'...
by HowToDo on Jan 9, 2015

How To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly?

How To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly? The answer is SITEMAP. So what that's stuff? Sitemap is navigations for your visitors who want to find something and the sitemap will guide them. Second, each of your create are new article, the article will b...
by HowToDo on Dec 12, 2014

Steps For Register At 2014

Today we'll discuss how to register our website to ( I'll try myself before make are Google searching, but not really succeed and stuck, because after i register my blog, Alexa respons for paying. I know it's are free...
by HowToDo on Dec 11, 2014

Get Free Visitors To Your Website!

Wooooa.. just now i found the good news want to share with you. What that's AtoZ? yes that's about how you get visitors without hard working, but have some effort if you want it. Because i'am are new blogger (new blogspot domain), so i don't and neve...
by HowToDo on Dec 8, 2014

2 Tips&Tricks Get Free Backlinks

Many ways u can find how to get free backlinks in your blogs from Google searching. This trick below i give are simple and sample, that make u want know further about get free backlinks. Any trick and tips don't forget to share with me. I'll put your...
by HowToDo on Dec 8, 2014

How To Make Scrolling Popular Post Gadget

How i do scrolling popular post gadget on my blogspot? if we used popular post gadget from blogger, it's look like normal thing.. and, if we sett at our Configure Popular Post, u can see Show option, Display Up Until (10) posts. We can get result are...
by HowToDo on Dec 7, 2014

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