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A POV Selfie Stick

I remember seeing a selfie stick in the news a few days back. It had a fan attached to it that would blow your hair back, and make your photos a tad more dreamy. It got me thinking about how products have features that are necessary, and features tha...
by Best Environment Design on Jun 1, 2016

I’m on Vacation! Pina Coladas, Island Hopping, Off The Grid!

  I’m on vacation! Hand me a frozen cocktail and don’t be stingy with the rum! Finally going on a real vacation out of the country for a week. Heading out on a Caribbean cruise with my gal and parents. … Continue reading →...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Dec 6, 2015

The stupidest Selfie ever - and where to stick it

Celebrity Selfie off of GoogleThose of us who have reached a certain age remember a lot of strange things.For instance, I remember when my parent’s TV only showed three channels. Just three. I remember a time when you had to watch all of the advert...
by Glen's Life on Aug 9, 2015

Cek Tempat Yang Melarang Pakai Tongsis Di Website Ini !

Anda penggemar tongsis dan suka sekali bernarsis ria menggunakannya ? Website yang satu ini mungkin akan berguna bagi anda, khususnya The post Cek Tempat Yang Melarang Pakai Tongsis Di Website Ini ! appeared first on Saveseva Fotografi.
by Saveseva Fotografi on Jul 28, 2015

You Have To See The ‘Safe Selfies’ Brochure Russia Is Handing Out

We all know those Russians are a crazy bunch, but this is something else. In a rather serious report, CNN tells us that the “death by selfie” toll is on the rise in Russia and they are just sick and tired of it. According to the report, t...
by Thunder Treats on Jul 10, 2015

Viva Selfie Stick with Bluetooth: Product Review

FTC Disclosure: Product received free in exchange for an honest review. I love going on crazy adventures. Most of my adventures take me pretty remote places. I'm always trying to get a picture of myself and my adventure buddy in the beautiful places...
by Outdoor Adventure Gals on Jun 17, 2015

Fugetek High End Selfie Stick Review.

FTC Disclosure: Product received at no charge in exchange for an honest review. I have to admit, I'm not one who loves to take a ton of selfies but when I do, it's because I am on a hiking trail with an awesome view or sightseeing in a country. When...
by Outdoor Adventure Gals on Jun 7, 2015

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks (Monopod) For Android

With recent advancements of camera in smart phones, people started to capture every moment of their life. In addition to rear cameras, You May Also Like: Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps That Make Your Photos Awesome Top 10 Best Android Accessories F...
by Android Fan Club on Apr 30, 2015

Rollei presenta i nuovi Selfie Stick

Rollei amplia la sua linea di Selfie Stick con quattro nuovi modelli : 4 Life, 4 Style, 4 Fun e 4 Smile. Nella nuova gamma di stick Rollei è possibile trovare lo stick ideale per selfie perfetti in ogni situazione. Colorati e allegri: Selfie Stick 4...
by P@ssioneMobile on Apr 28, 2015

The Drill Down 372: Swat From The Sky

This week, the Apple Watch sells out, Europe slaps Google with antitrust charges, LinkedIn gets instructional, podcasting wins a major victory, and … Dwayne’s not the only one who’s violently against drones … and much much more. Podca...
by Geeks of Doom on Apr 17, 2015

Spruce Street Suspension Footbridge: San Diego Excursion

Roland, his friend Keith and I headed to the Spruce Street Suspension Footbridge a few weeks ago. I had recently heard about it and have been curious to check out this bridge built in 1912. Is also seemed like a great opportunity to play with our new...
by 52Perfectdays on Apr 11, 2015

Nikon legitimizes the selfie stick once and for all

Like 'em or loathe 'em, selfie sticks have probably done enough to ensure that they won't be a passing fad. "Proper" camera makers have pretended that they don't exist, but Nikon has broken ranks to announce the N-MP001. This particular wand of narci...
by engadget on Apr 7, 2015

Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Adjustable Smartphone Holder

Flexion Quicksnap Pro Selfie Stick can extend to 3.5 feet and is compatible with iPhones and Android. The Monopod Selfie Stick is easy to use, just turn on the stick and pair it with your iPhone via bluetooth.
by AvenueApple-Mac on Apr 2, 2015

LURA — Selfie stick holder by IKEA

“ Simple, stylish storage for your selfie stick ”– Joshua OoiDiscussion | Link...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Apr 1, 2015

Moto Selfie Stick — Like when the sun turns the rain into a rainbow

Discussion | Link...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Apr 1, 2015

Selfie-Stick – Ja oder nein?

Es gibt ja Trends, denen muss man nicht folgen. Zum Beispiel mit dem iPad fotografierend durchs Schloss Neuschwanstein rennen, wie es uns die Asiaten vorführten – nein, das muss nicht sein. Nun kam vor einiger Zeit der Selfie-Stick, auch genan...
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Mar 31, 2015

16 Akibat Jika Kalian Punya Tongsis Sekarang

The Selfie - Selfie atau self pic atau memotret diri sendiri sudah menjadi tren saat ini. Dari kalangan anak-anak hingga orang tua kerap melakukan selfie, bahkan Time melakukan penelitian di kota manakah paling banyak orang melakukan selfie. Namun de...
by The Selfie on Mar 11, 2015

Svakom Gaga Vibrator — The sex selfie stick

“ It's not like I can make this stuff up. Seriously: The tip of the Gaga vibrator is equipped with a high-definition camera and a small light, allowing you to see a part of yourself (or your partner) that you've never seen before. Hook it up via US...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Mar 6, 2015

No Selfie Sticks Allowed

Have you ever been somewhere and you had to ask a total stranger to take your picture? You have to hand your phone to them and then they have to struggle to find the snap button. Now you don’t have to do that anymore! The art of taking a pictur...
by Leading Hands on Feb 22, 2015

Find Out What President Obama Gets Up To During His Downtime

Check out what President Obama gets up to during his free time. It's hilarious, trust me. The video you just saw was produced with to promote the upcoming Obamacare signup deadline. For more details on Obamacare please visit HealthCa...
by Virgos Very Own on Feb 12, 2015

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