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元のトゥーロンジェリー・コリンズ選手(Jerry Collins)の死亡のせいでかも…...
by フランスラガー on Jun 6, 2015

Sergio Parisse

Nel febbraio 2011 Sergio Parisse posò per Max... io me l'ero perso, ahi ahi! Continua a leggere...
by Belli d'Italia on Mar 25, 2013

RWC Minnows put Giants on Notice

ABSOLUTELY RIVETING. There’s no other way to aptly describe the first round of Rugby World Cup action that raised the curtain on the pinnacle tournament. It made for compelling viewing in manageable 80-minute doses. Not only for what rugby’s jugg...
by Kings of Commentary on Sep 12, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana underwear 2008

nel 2008 stefano gabbana e domenico dolce decidono di cambiare sport: dal calcio passano al rugby.un'ottima scelta visto il salto di qualità in termini di fisici.i protagonisti sono: denis dallan, gonzalo canale, sergio parisse, andrea masi, ezio ga...
by Belli d'Italia on Jul 23, 2010

Soccer trumps rugby in Florence

It had long been decided that Italy’s rugby team would host world champions South Africa in Florence on Saturday Nov. 21. Then soccer got in the way. Fiorentina, who use Florence’s only big stadium the Stadio Franchi, were due to play Parma at ho...
by Soccer News Info on Sep 9, 2009

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