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Our Next Assignment Is

[Turn it up...] Ahh…yes, Alabama. We’ll probably end up in Enterprise, AL – the closest town to base – where they celebrate the Boll Weevil. No joke. They’ve even got a statue of one in their town square. See?…Ther...
by Our JennEric Life on Sep 1, 2011

Monday Morning Music

[back at Thanksgiving] In going back through the blog the other day I noticed that all my music posts weren’t working! [agh!] Those posts were written the express intent of being read WHILE listening to the songs. So I’ve gone back into t...
by Our JennEric Life on Aug 23, 2010


So here’s something you should know about me…besides the fact that I can’t cook. I have a juke-box in my head. Yep…and without any conscious effort on my part it pulls out the perfect song to fit any given situation – l...
by Our JennEric Life on Jan 22, 2010

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