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S-e-x Doll Slows Traffic At Crosswalk In China

Why settle for a b0ring-old stop sign when you have a highly realistic S-e-x Doll on hand? An unidentified elderly woman was getting fed up with drivers speeding past a crosswalk near her home in China, according to Car News China’s interpretat...
by Explore The World on Aug 6, 2012

Do Chinese Have Virgin Complex?

Last year some schools in Yunnan introduced a new course on sex education. “No Apologies in This Life” is not a usual course. It is the product of partnership between the regional Ministry of Education and the American Christian group “Focus on...
by LoveLoveChina on Mar 14, 2011

Women’s Health in China: Problems and Controversions

Imagine the following ad on Chinese TV: in the beginning a young couple is shown in moonlight, holding hands and kissing while the music plays in background. You, of course, expect it to be the advertisement of something sweet and romantic… but you...
by LoveLoveChina on Oct 7, 2010

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