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Low key portrait

Canon EOS 450 D + lens Canon EF 18 - 55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Manual mode, Auto White Balance, Monochrome, Metering mode : evaluative, ISO : 200, Shutter speed : 1/13 , f/5.0, focal length - 41.00 mm.Canon EOS 450 D + lens Canon EF 18 - 55mm f/3.
by Maria M Photography on Mar 11, 2015

Low key portret

Canon EOS 450 D + lens Canon EF 18 - 55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Manual mode, Auto White Balance, Monochrome, Metering mode : evaluative, ISO : 200, Shutter speed : 1/13 , f/5.0, focal length - 41.00 mm.Canon EOS 450 D + lens Canon EF 18 - 55mm f/3.
by Maria M Photography on Mar 11, 2015

This is a slow-mo look at how a DSLR's shutter works

It's always cool learning how stuff works. Case in point: cameras. More specifically, digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) pictograph boxes. The chaps over at YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys have taken their trademark ultra-high-speed camerawork and, w...
by engadget on Feb 1, 2015

Moment's camera case gives your iPhone a two-stage shutter key

If there's one thing (and there is) I miss about carrying around my Lumia 1020, it's that phone's dedicated, two-stage camera button. Designed to mimic "real" camera shutter releases, it's a feature I've missed dearly on my current daily driver, Appl...
by engadget on Jan 27, 2015

Shutter Volume 1 Review

So it has been a slow few weeks for books for me along with some other issues that have cropped up in my usual reading schedule, so it was slim pickings to choose from for this review. Luckily for me, my girlfriend tends to buy graphic novels for her...
by Black Ship Books on Jan 9, 2015

8 #Tips on how to take great #Selfies #sp

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned below have been provided for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full discl...
by Whirlwind of Surprises on Dec 28, 2014

Little wood table in gray suit; MMS`s Shutter Grey and Trophy Grey

Its no secret, I love grey. For me, grey is one of the prettiest colors there is. It has so many lovely shades, can be paired up with a lot of other colors, and gived me just the right mix of cottage and shabby chic.I`ve had this little wood table st...
by Frugal Furbishing on Dec 4, 2014

Unboxing dan Review Bluetooth Shutter (AB Shutter 03)

Kali ini kami berkesempatan untuk Unboxing serta melakukan Review Bluetooth Shutter (AB Shutter 03) dengan teknologi Bluetooth 3.0. Smart Accessories ini sangat berguna terutama bagi kalian-kalian yang Hobby Selfie dengan Tongsis, karena alat ini ada...
by JAUHARI | Free WordPress Theme on Nov 29, 2014

Oak wood in movement

Empty oak stems and lot of leaves on ground at the end of autumn create perfect conditions to try a special mobile phone camera application called Camera FV-5. This camera application has ability of taking images in long exposure. So, I set exposure...
by Lubos Bruha Photography on Nov 22, 2014

Photography Has Never Been This Easy Before!

Photography is a powerful art and worthwhile art and a fabulous way to battle stress. A picture can express thoughts or emotions that words alone. Digital techniques can be altered and manipulated in software to make them resemble traditional art for...
by Conikony on Nov 17, 2014

Perfect Photography Tricks And Hints You Should Know

There is a ton of contradictory tips touching how to take the most outstanding photographs. Manage these suggests to stimulate you design high-quality photos that showcase your artistic talents. Choose only the supreme photography to highlight and di...
by Conikony on Nov 15, 2014

Professional Tips To Back You By Photography

There are so many techniques that will help you to prove. The below may stimulate you get on the right track. Test to avoid including an overcast sky when taking pictures. Your photo will look washed out if they capture too much of a gray sky in the...
by Conikony on Nov 14, 2014

Struggling By Photography? Examine Applying These Suggests!

Are you frustrated by the way your photographs? Digital techniques can be altered and interesting appearance. There are various image editing software for digital photos, however, is pretty much the industry standard. You will be able to instantly co...
by Conikony on Nov 14, 2014

Follow These Proven Photography Techniques Now

You will find that photography is a broad subject for lots of different solutions on how to do things. Here are some suggestions to endorse you become the outstanding photographer you can be! Examine different settings on the camera such as shutter s...
by Conikony on Nov 11, 2014

Great Suggestions For Anyone Who Wants To Take Spectacular Photos

You know that you to become a better photographer. You picked a better time! The article that follows will make you on your way to taking exceptional pictures. Digital techniques can give your photographs a unique and manipulated in software to make...
by Conikony on Nov 10, 2014

Wonderful Photography Tips Are Yours In The Following Article

If you’re new to photography, you probably choose some suggests so you can attain to take better shots. This article is just what you are seeking for – tips that will help outline the correct path to take on your journey towards a better...
by Conikony on Nov 9, 2014

Hints And Tricks For Snapping High Photos

The most important photos you take a photo that showcases your subject matter. This is where some helpful hints. You will add the quality of your photographs and have a better reputation as a photographer.Practice the advises to leapfrog the competit...
by Conikony on Nov 8, 2014

What Camera Is Highest For You To Buy?

Taking pictures is a favorite pastime of many.The easy answer is because photographers put lots of work into their photos. The advises the professionals utilize to get high-quality shots. Choose what you need to have in the picture. A quality photogr...
by Conikony on Nov 7, 2014

Take Better Pictures: Read This Photography Guide

You will ruin your photographic reputation if you take poor photographs.The following paragraphs will teach you better photos in a variety of situations. Choose only your outstanding photos to showcase or display. Don’t show too many photos and...
by Conikony on Nov 6, 2014

Here You Can Locate Acceptable Tips Dealing For Photography

Poor photography will negatively affect your overall photographic reputation. There are a few tips listed in this guide that can assist you start bettering your photography techniques. Play around along shutter speeds to find out what situations.Phot...
by Conikony on Nov 4, 2014

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