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Got SIEM? - Part IV

In this final piece on the limitations of today’s SIEM solutions, the last issue is operational suitability.  In a nutshell, because SIEM tools don’t provide enough data (as mentioned earlier, event and vulnerability data are hardly the “compl...
by eIQviews on Nov 20, 2008

Got SIEM? - Part III

Continuing our review of the limitations of today’s SIEM solutions, the next issue is scalability.  Because events are the core data component that SIEM products capture, their performance is generally measured in the number events per second (eps...
by eIQviews on Nov 13, 2008

Got SIEM? - Part II

The first issue we need to look at regarding the current state of SIEM is, quite simply, the breadth of data that SIEM solutions can address.  Typically, I look at technology solutions as tools to solve business problems; I’ve never been a big fan...
by eIQviews on Nov 9, 2008


One of the things I really like about interacting with customers is that they provide perspective that, as a vendor, we sometimes don’t get to see first-hand or experience ourselves.  Meeting with a large-enterprise customer yesterday, it was fasc...
by eIQviews on Oct 31, 2008

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