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How To Look Ten Years Younger In A Flash

I would think that most all who read my blog are well aware of the fact that I'm not a fashion buff.  I don't give a rip what the latest styles are or what colors are going to be big this spring.  And you're SURE not going to be finding ME...
by A Simple Womans Journal on Jan 31, 2013

Top Skin Care Recipes – Secrets to Naturally Gorgeous Glowing Skin!

A guide to using the most effective ways to caring for your skin by using natural and organic ingredients to make your own skin care recipes. Continue reading →...
by Chelseys Christmas List on Oct 24, 2012

Facial Toner

Ingredients : 2 oz. vodka 6 oz. witch hazel 20 drops Grapefruit 10 drops Tea Tree 10 drops Cypress Preparation : Add all ingredients to a 8 oz. bottle and shake to mix all ingredients. Be careful when adding the essential oils. The first time you mak...
by Vinensia - Aromatherapy on Apr 15, 2009

Dry Hand Lotion

Ingredients : 10 oz. unscented lotion12 drops Patchouli25 drops Sandalwood5 drops Carrot SeedPreparation : Pour the lotion into a bowlAdd the oils and then mix very well. Once mixed, add the lotion back to the bottle. Benefits of The Oils :Patchouli,...
by Vinensia - Aromatherapy on Apr 4, 2009

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