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15 May 2016 - BRITISH SLANG

BRITISH SLANGG'day folks,Going to the UK? If so, read this so you can understand what people are saying.  On the job - If you are on the job, it could mean that you are hard at work, or having sex. Usually the context helps you decide which it i...
by clancy tucker's blog on May 14, 2016

Australian Slang words

These are some words I have heard and using some along the way.. I will append to this list as I hear more. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment Aboriginal/Aborigine – A term for an Indigenous Australian aggro ̵...
by OzArrivals on Nov 22, 2009

Dating After 40

Once you have reached the age of 40 and if you are single, you ask yourself, ” Should I start dating again?” The 40′s and up crowd has sometimes faded away, because most people has settled down with a younger mate. You also have to...
by Online Dating Tips on Dec 4, 2001

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