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Improve night sleep with F.lex on Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad

Recently I blogged about how to reduce night sleep problems and diminish insomnia on Linux with little command line tool – redshift. Now I'm in a friend who is a Mac user and since he had lately problems with sleeping. I remembered about re...

Beat stress, lose weight, and sleep better? Take a vacation

While you may not argue that a vacation can do you some good, now a small study backs you up. Findings show that compared with people who continue working, vacationers sleep better, have lower blood pressure, and feel less stressed … Continue r...

6 Most Common Causes Of Fatigue

Being tired and being always tired are two different things. What you may perceive and dismiss as a simple tiredness that can be remedied by a quick nap is not often what you think it is. Read on as we delve deeper into the possible causes of fatigue...

Media request – families wanted!

  Do you have problems settling your children for the night?  Do you find it difficult juggling bedtimes for different aged children?  Television production company TwoFour are looking for families who are struggling to settle multiple childre...
by Larger Family Life on Nov 2, 2012

Sleep Training Day 2

Yesterday evening I was feeling very stressed and worried about the prospect of starting the sleep training set up for us by, I had completely prepared myself for a night of no sleep. Worst of all, even though I was compl...
by Bargain Mummy Buys on May 5, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today my baby is 1 year(s?) old. I'm not nostalgic about it, I've never been one of those women who wants their children to stay dependent on them. To be honest I'm not really a baby person, I much prefer being a mum to a toddler who I can laugh with...
by Bargain Mummy Buys on Feb 26, 2012

Who needs sleep anyway?

Me Right.That’s it. I’ve had enough.  My son is now OVER  12 months and still insists on a little chat around midnight.  In fact, he also likes a little cuddle at 4am and a dribble at 5. What is it with this child, he must really...
by Bargain Mummy Buys on Feb 26, 2012

Symptoms and Cures for Insomnia (Part 5)

If you're looking for help with insomnia related to your severe back pain then you're in the right place! Back and sciatica pain are like an internal alarm system activated in the spine on a 24/7... More..
by Lower Back Pain Blog on Dec 18, 2009

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