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Small Stone #23

Rescued this weekend by a friend and my husband. And still I receive- as if rescue is not enough- : a grateful heart, a peaceful mind, and a feeling of being           caught in mid-air.
by Acres of Sage on May 21, 2013

Small Stone #22

May 4, 2013- First day of thunder Thunder, there you are You and your many voices...
by Acres of Sage on May 14, 2013

Small Stone #21

Under a blue sky and the song of a Meadowlark on my roof, I work while I can; a few hours in the soil, my patch of earth.
by Acres of Sage on May 9, 2013

Small Stone #20

I hear the song of the Sandhill Cranes in the distance Look to the sky to see their flight, their song so distinct A present, but all I get is to wonder When will I see them? Days later, along a waterway I see them take to the sky Song and sight sync...
by Acres of Sage on Apr 23, 2013

Small Stones #19

Thursday afternoons are for my daughter and I. I pick her up from school and she tells me about her day as we drive home. We'll feed the horses together, cook, or do a craft. Sometimes when we cook she writes, in her journal about what we are making.
by Acres of Sage on Mar 7, 2013

Small Stones #18

Today I heard the chickadees.  It has been very cold (-20 and below) and finally it warmed up to around 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  The chickadees sang their "chicka-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee" song, a very welcome verse to hear during the silence...
by Acres of Sage on Jan 17, 2013

Small Stone #17: Ice skating

Two hours of skating on the ice and I feel it. But my little girl laughed and I laughed with her, playing games in the cold and I don't even notice.
by Acres of Sage on Nov 21, 2012

Quote of the Day for Saturday November 10, 2012

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. (Author, Chinese Proverb) Continue reading →...
by collinmccabe on Nov 9, 2012

Wall Fountains: Vital Element Of Feng Shui

Wall Fountains as great as the reserve used to have them aren’t usually pleasing emblem equipment though have been additionally an critical partial of feng shui living. Feng shui is the fortify which concentrates upon an in outcome fortitude of...
by Home Improvement Blog on Jun 28, 2012

Small Stone #16

"The red-winged blackbirds are back," she said, making small talk in the post office. The red-winged blackbird, I sigh. I can hear their throaty talk, see them perched on a willow. They are our mountain sign of spring, of running water, of...
by Acres of Sage on Mar 8, 2012

#15 Small Stone

I have enjoyed the project of writing "small stones" through the month of January.  Although I might not have shared each on here, I do have a wonderful notebook filling up.  The process of finding a "small stone" for each day...
by Acres of Sage on Feb 1, 2012

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