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Parenting: The Ultimate Destruction of Perfection

I had 38 weeks of almost perfect mothering.  I didn't scream, yell, or scar my child in any way.  I may not have eaten has healthy as I should have, but other than that I was golden.  I remember thinking about that.  I remember sa...
by Connected Mom on Apr 23, 2014

Help for First Time Pregnant Mothers

As two dear friends announce their pregnancies and begin on their journeys into motherhood, I want so much to ease their transitions. I want to wrap my arms and love around them and comfort them. I want to give them words of wisdom, but I'm not sure...
by Connected Mom on Jan 23, 2014

"No Greater Sacrifice:" Cesearean Birth

Recently, I recieved a message from a friend of mine on my personal facebook page that started like this: "So I see all the stuff you post about vbac and natural childbirth and a few of them had made me feel you think less of moms who have had csecti...
by Connected Mom on Jan 9, 2013

In the Shadow of the Holidays: Helping Those Who Grieve This Season

This is the time of year when we often celebrate the abundance of our lives. We fill our homes with lights, decorations and presents. We send cards and well wishes to people that we feel lucky to know and to keep in touch with, but with whom we may...
by Connected Mom on Dec 12, 2012

Traumatic Birth - Call For Submissions From Solace For Mothers

I found Solace For Mothers only a few months ago.  Having had a traumatic birth, I couldn't believe it had been almost four years before I found this amazing resource. Solace is a place for mothers to discuss their traumatic birth, and eve...
by Connected Mom on Jul 26, 2011

Comforting a Woman Traumatized by her Birth Experience

Women from the Solace for Mothers message boards collaborated to create this list of common things said to women in the postpartum period and how they might be interpreted by women who feel traumatized by their birth and/or have postpartum depression...
by The Unnecesarean on Feb 27, 2011

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