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Make Your Own Solar Oven (Guest Post)

Today, we welcome an exciting guest author, Agnes Jimenez.  Agnes is a professional blogger and writer who has written much on the subject of preparedness, food, and frugal living.  Her blog,, is a very popular blog fi...
by Self Reliance For Your Family on Jan 11, 2013

Job 2 Mak Solar Oven 4 Hot Water, Cook D Food

Here s job 2do dat mak sun 2 mak hot water, or cook d meal, wit shiny aluminum foil.  Do U wnt 2 mak d oven urslf?  U cn doit, trst me.  Not dat hard.
by U-Will Celebrity Gossip on Dec 20, 2012

COOKUP200 Portable Solar Oven

Tools cook with solar energy as above is not new really, but how many of us who can make yourself perfectly. No bother, just buy a ready-made COOKUP200 this so that you do not bother making their own. You can use the "solar stove" is for all types...
by Morpgadget on Mar 20, 2011

What Is A Solar Oven?

A third of the world’s population are dependent on coal, and half of these people, this fuel is scarce. The vast majority of these people live in countries with limited fuel, but rich in sun, in western Asia and eastern Africa. There have been...
by Solar Energy Blog on Nov 10, 2010

Solar Stoves in Biosphere Reserve

From the 2002 reserve of the Biosphere Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, through Mexican Found for the Conservation of the Nature, has technology of solar pots, this year 20 were granted solar stoves for a pilot test, at present the reserve counts on 440, w...
by Solar Energy Blog on Oct 11, 2009

How to Build a Simple Solar Box Cooker Solar Oven

Solar ovens can cook food or pasteurize water using only the power of the sun.  How does a solar oven work?  The simple answer is that it is designed to absorb more heat than it releases. The “Minimum” Solar Box Cooker is a simple cardb...
by Applied Solar Technology on Sep 29, 2009

Why Solar Cookers Are Important for the Environment, Human Health and Safety

In our modern day environment, flipping a switch to abundant energy supplies is usually an unconscious act with little awareness of the critical issues that lie behind it.  But many of the world’s inhabitants do not have a switch to flip. About ha...
by Applied Solar Technology on Sep 25, 2009

Benefits of Solar Oven Cooking

The Benefits of Solar Oven Cooking Solar cooking is the simplest, safest, most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen. Many people choose to solar cook for these reasons.  But for hundreds of millions of people...
by Applied Solar Technology on Sep 23, 2009

Solar Cooking in a Cardboard Box

Inventor turns cardboard boxes into eco-friendly solar powered oven When Jon Bohmer sat down with his two daughters to create a simple project they could work on together, he didn’t realize they’d hit upon a solution to one of the world&#...
by Applied Solar Technology on Sep 21, 2009

Cooking With A Solar Oven

In the heat of summer, most people don’t want to turn on their ovens unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I know I don’t!  A lot of cooking is done with a microwave, but the air inside a microwave heats up pretty good too, and that heat escapes...
by Green Life on Sep 5, 2009

Burning Man Spectator creates micro house for the bike

I often admire the romantic “living off the land” spirit of books like Into The Wild, but I can’t help but wonder how practical that ...
by DIY all the WAY! on Aug 28, 2009

Build your own Solar Stove

The National Commission for the Saving of Water is taking steps to transform the market for the massive use of solar water-heating systems (SWS) in the domestic sector. The objective is double: first, to save and promote the improvement of renewable...
by Solar Energy Blog on May 21, 2009

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