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4 Kick-Ass Advantages Of Gaming

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by Quikr Blog on Apr 19, 2016

What Experts are saying about Sony Playstation Vita Volume?

It will arrive almost six months after its PC and PlayStation 4 brethren, which originally released back in August. At the time, Bithell said the Vita version would be delayed a couple of weeks due to personal problems and submission to Sony.In a blo...
by Alltechlovers on Dec 25, 2015

Apple Patent new Controller Design for the iPhone: 3DS and Vita Beware

Gaming on a smartphone can be problematic when it comes down to some games. A game like Angry Birds should pose no difficultly, but First Person Shooters are a different issue altogether. It is probably the reason why Apple recently patented a gaming...
by The Web Graffiti on Jan 28, 2015

CloudBerry Kingdom Arrives to PlayStation 3, Vita Next Month

When it comes to handheld gaming, then the eyes of gamers will definitely go to either Nintendo Wii U and of course, Sony PlayStation Vita. Yup, both of these devices are currently 2 definite choices for gamers who want to play high console-quality g...
by WhatMakesBlog.Com on Aug 12, 2013

Sony PS Vita in test

La nuova PS Vita è disponibile nei negozi, vediamo come va. Quello che ci piace: Avvio Velocissimo, circa 7 secondi La nuova Interfaccia Utente è pensata per essere controllata tramite touch screen: è intuitiva e facile da usare. Qualità delle im...
by ShikaBlog on May 6, 2012

Sony PlayStation Vita hands on

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by P@ssioneMobile on Feb 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Special - III

Earphones for loversAlmost all smartphones today are equipped with a music player but the speakers of low quality. As a result, the headphones or earphones are the best way to share his music on his mobile phone. Here's a gift idea for a budget that...
by Mono-live on Feb 4, 2012

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