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2012 Ferrari SP12 EC

The 2012 Ferrari SP12 EC recently presented to honor to Clapton, and is the longest experience as a Ferrari owner. This car was designed by Centro Stile Ferrari with merge along Pinifarina and the engineers from Maranello. Is a famous guitar player w...
by Automotorcar on Feb 16, 2014

Watch Eric Clapton’s 3M GBP Ferrari SP12 EC in motion

Ferrari specially developed a one-off version of the 512BB for popular English guitarist, songwriter and singer Eric Clapton. The car is known under the SP12 EC moniker and cost three million pounds when it was ordered. The footage below was taken on...
by Speed Carz on Sep 12, 2013

2013 Ferrari SP12 EC Special Edition

Ferrari has strictly introduced a singular book that there is usually one universe sequence and a dri musician Eric Clapton, a 2013 Ferrari SP12 EC. Ferrari SP12 EC was designed by Centro Stile Ferrari, and Pininfarina in partnership with engineers f...
by my car release date on May 29, 2012

¡Wallpaper Ferrari SP12 EC!

Hola Tuners! Para todos ustedes fanáticos del motor, no podemos imaginarlos sin un fondo de pantalla de Ferrari. Es por eso que el auto elegido de hoy es una Ferrari y es la Ferrari SP12 EC. ¿Por qué EC? EC significa Eric Clapton, dado que Ferrari...
by Tuning Extremo on May 27, 2012

Ferrari SP12 for Eric Clapton caught on camera (video)

Gifted guitarist and avid Ferrari fan Eric Clapton have requested Ferrari to build him a one-off special-edition based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. Now a video has popped-up on YouTube showing the Ferrari SP12 (custom 458 Italia) hanging out at the HR...
by Bharath Autos on Mar 26, 2012

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