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Our Top 5 Favorite Bedtime Stories

This post may contain affiliate links. Bedtime stories are a nightly tradition I think most families have and we are no different. Our kiddos love to be read to and it’s beneficial for so many reasons, but I mostly enjoy the excuse to cuddle th...
by Our Holly Days on May 26, 2016

Bitsboard PRO – The Best Educational Learning Games and Flash Cards in 1 App by Innovative Investments Limited – Review & Giveaway

What we love… Fully customizable lessons with lots of different learning modes. What we’d love to see… Even more boards on math. Summary Bitsboard Pro is the ultimate educational app with top-quality content and outstanding enabling...
by The iMum on Apr 27, 2016

Wheeler Park: Will you join the Tree Party?

Wheeler park in South Burlington, Vermont invites you to hike and read, along the trail, the book, "Let's Have a Tree Party". "I'm having a party!" shouted Grandpa Crow."Spread the word so our friends all know,Come one, come all, and make m...
by litterwithastorytotell on Dec 6, 2015

About Today in Alexandria: July 15, 2015

Your plans for today (July 15, 2015) in Alexandria, Virginia include these events: LIVE music week, FREE outdoor yoga, Winesday at Whole Foods, and more!
by Red Brick Town on Jul 15, 2015

Ancient Aliens Time Travelers Jeremiah's Time Travel Story Review

by Documentary TV on May 1, 2015

About This Weekend in Alexandria, Virginia

Your plans for this weekend (April 24-26, 2015) in Alexandria, Virginia include these events - LIVE Music, festival, GW Parkway Classic, and more! Details..
by Red Brick Town on Apr 24, 2015

About Today in Alexandria, Virginia – March 18, 2015

Your plans for today in Alexandria, Virginia include these events...
by Red Brick Town on Mar 18, 2015

  CHERYL “CHERI” MCCLURKIN Los Angeles, CA (March 3, 2015) – The McClurkin Family... Click link above for story...
by Radio Facts on Mar 5, 2015

Story Time 19/365

I’ve bought a new book for my youngest boy to look at, he loves to learn and is always flicking through books from the bookcase. The book is called ‘I’m ready for School’. There is a section in the book titled ‘All about...
by mumofthreeboys on Jan 20, 2015

Halloween Family Fun

Yesterday we headed to Famer Copleys in Pontefract, just outside Leeds for some seasonal family fun at their annual Pumpkin Festival!
by Honest Mum on Oct 27, 2014

REVELAÇÕES INCRÍVEIS: Evidência de Viagem no Tempo e (Guerra Nuclear Acontecerá em 2015)

Os sinais são inconfundíveis, a prova está em toda parte, as leis de espaço e tempo de oscilação irão desintegrar-se enquanto você lê isto, YouTube tem exposto a sua presença. Eles são viajantes do tempo.Veja na foto que os dois homen...
by UFOS ONLINE on Oct 1, 2014

Three Steps Down the Hallway

Written By: Fatima Haroon.The hour hand made a right angle with the minute hand as the clock struck 9:00 a.m, making the morning school bell ring, for the start of school.  Hearing the bell, Mr. Rivera, the school’s math teacher, got up from h...
by Finding Neverland on Sep 6, 2014

Getting back on my feet...Time Heals All Wounds

Hey pretties! How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing great. I bet you're all busy and excited on preparing for Halloween parties. Well, I, myself had been busy but not in a good way really. This past few weeks has been very tough for me. Heck I...
by Pinay on the Loose on Mar 18, 2014

Behold, now is the day

Today’s news headlines, taken at face value, should shock us to the core! Syria, for example, is a powder keg! And what’s happening there is of utmost importance prophetically, for the Word of God clearly states that it is from Syria that the...
by MY THOUGHTS . . . on Jun 20, 2013

Just in Time for the Indy 500 The Story of the Speedway Police Custom Badge Redevelopment by Smith & Warren

White Plains, NY (PRWEB) May 24, 2013 Ten years ago, Speedway Police Department commissioned the design of a new custom badge for their department. After evaluating sources, they chose a manufacturer that offered them a full custom badge with low ini...
by Technology Info For You on May 27, 2013

A Timely Purely By Chance Coincidence

I rarely wear a watch and try not to be too controlled by time. I also usually sleep well at night. This is why I make those two statements: Last night I went to bed as usual and nodded off to sleep quite quickly but I woke up and, when I did so,...

Library books

I haven’t been to the library for years.  I used to go when I was at uni to the one in town to check out as many books as I could get out, and then used to use one once … Continue reading →The post Library books appeared first on B...
by Bubbablue and Me on Apr 9, 2013

Mesin Waktu

Jam tangan ini, aku tak tahu persis kapan aku memilikinya. Saat itu yang aku ingat, aku terbangun dengan sakit kepala yang teramat. Aku melihat dunia berputar-putar. Aku mendapati diriku berada dalam sebuah lorong. Di ujungnya ada sebuah cahaya yang...
by penuliscemen[dot]com on Mar 18, 2013

Proven Tips For Being Successful With Network Marketing

Have you thought about using email marketing but find that you have no idea where to begin? If you want to know how you can build a winning strategy, continue reading! This article will share some great tips and advice to help you get the most from e...
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 27, 2013

“Cloud Atlas”: From good guy, to killer, to savage

What would you say to the idea of multiple existences, or reincarnation? Some might consider that to be ridiculous, others would attribute merit to the whole notion of being able to live more than once. But one of the questions that needs to be asked...

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