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MTN Nigeria Recruits Media Planning Manager

MTN Nigeria – The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognisable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents wh...

Managing Resistance to Change

In the world of fierce competition and changing strictures through governments, change is inevitable for any organization and important its profitability and survival. However, any change- can be very relaxing in technology, strategies or manpower, h...
by Danielle Business on Jul 24, 2011

Models to Analyze your Product Portfolio

If  you are required to manage a range of products you must be in a position to evaluate your products' performance.  There are two models that are considered appropriate for such analyses and are based on two different templates and releva...
by Business Models & Strategy on Jun 21, 2011

Basic Guidelines for Implementing Strategy

Managing the process of implementation is often more difficult than coming up with the strategy in the first place – but ideas that cannot be translated into action serve little purpose. A consistent, straightforward methodology can help drive stra...
by Business Models & Strategy on Jun 9, 2011

E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation?

Anyonw know any successful E-Commerce strategies, their purpose and how they are implemented to be successful? Any examples of real websites that take these strategies to their advantage? Thanks Related posts:What are some successful marketing stra...
by Web Hosting Group on Sep 23, 2009

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