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A Family Party

This family loves to party and those who follow this blog knows we have a lot of get-togethers-great Greek or Italian food (usually supplied by the family's restaurants), the funniest and funnest company you can imagine (we literally laugh the whole...
by Honest Mum on Sep 8, 2014

12 Commandments to Strengthen Your Family

“A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living.” ~ Charles Swindoll However, around the world countless social, economic, and environmental issues affect families. These private and public con...
by Counting My Blessings on May 15, 2014

Acting reputed NE mob boss seeks bail

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The reputed acting boss of the New England Mafia is opposing a bid by prosecutors to have him locked up while awaiting trial in an extortion and racketeering case. Lawyers for 53-year-old Anthony DiNunzio said in court papers filed...
by Mafia Today on Apr 30, 2012

‘Mob Wives’ Star Ramona Rizzo Reveals How She’s Affiliated With The Lifestyle

Ramona reveals her connections to the other ‘Mob Wives’ with exclusively — and shares what it was like to watch her grandfather ‘Lefty Guns’ Ruggiero go to prison. Ramona Rizzo is one of the two new members to join the cas...
by Mafia Today on Jan 9, 2012

Selena Gomez wound from fans of Justin Bieber?

During the interview to radio “Z100″ that we talked about yesterday, Gomez also spoke of problems recent interviews with the fans of Justin Bieber, who after the confirmation of their report has been taken from a tutto sommato unmotivated...
by justin bieber on Apr 29, 2011

Can you help with this question about prostate cancer and pomegranate juice?

I have a strong family history of prostate cancer (father & older brother). I am now over 65 and my PSA tests have remained at normal levels I have that test and a rectal exam by a urologist done annually. I've heard recently that pomegranat...
by Cancer Information Center on Jan 21, 2011

Second Chance for Florida Felons Finds Fabulous Future

That is a decision each ex-convict must make as he or she exits the Florida Department of Corrections’ facility which housed them. There are few business opportunities without the stigma of a background check attached.  This prestigious organizat...
by Life in Florida on Dec 15, 2010

Autism is genetic (?)

Because many different incapability s can result in autism, this question is complex. Certainly, incapability s such as the fragile X syndrome and tuberous sclerosis, which are both linked with autism, are inherited. There are many families with more...
by viertech - your lovely family on Apr 15, 2010

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