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Donald Trump, Personal vs. Corporate Bankruptcy

Did Donald Trump ever file personal bankruptcy? takes no political position on any of the candidates running for president.This has been a hot button issue in the 2016 presidential primary.  He has threatened to sue people wh...
by speedingticketkc on Mar 22, 2016

Politics and Prune Juice Episode #11 – Chicago Protests, Merrick Garland, and Second Super Tuesday

Lots of political drama fills the 11th episode of the Politics and Prune Juice podcast! It’s that time of the year. Show host Matt Stevens covers the “Second Super Tuesday” results and its winners and losers. We also find ... Read More...
by Prune Juice Media on Mar 19, 2016

Politics and Prune Juice Episode #10 – Super Tuesday Breakdown and Melissa Harris-Perry Firing

In the 10th episode of the Politics and Prune Juice podcast, host Matt Stevens breaks down the fallout from Super Tuesday. He also looks at who is left standing on the GOP side of the race and why some ... Read More...
by Prune Juice Media on Mar 8, 2016

The soul of a great democracy is at risk

The technical support woman on the other end of the line somewhere in the U.S. south or south-west sounded weary, and a little stressed.  I always try to exchange a little small talk with those call-centre/tech support folks; after all, I’m a real...
by Finding Hope Ness on Mar 6, 2016

Leave It To The Republicans! []

by The Political Commentator on Mar 1, 2016

Leave It To The Republicans!

To be running against one of the most flawed candidates that the Democrat Party has ever put forth and yet, somehow, making Hillary Clinton look grownup and presidential!Summary: Rather than attacking Hillary on her many issues that should make this...
by The Political Commentator on Mar 1, 2016

On Super Tuesday, Bernard Kerik Follows the Money: Why Bernie will never support Bernie...Feel the Bern?

The one thing knows about felon on Federal probation Bernard Kerik is that he always follows the money, sex or spotlight!Bernie Sanders consistently and clearly makes the case for criminal justice reform in his Presidentia...
by on Mar 1, 2016

Republican Primary: Your guide to a Brokered Convention or Floor Fight!!! takes no political position or endorses any candidate. Be sure to follow my blog or circle me on google+What happens if none of the candidates receive a majority of the delegates and super delegates by convention?There is a disti...
by speedingticketkc on Feb 26, 2016

What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is approaching quickly. You’ve probably heard the term “Super Tuesday” on the news and throughout the debates on television, however, do you really know what “Super Tuesday” is all about? What is Super Tues...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Feb 26, 2016

Super Tuesday: Christmas!

Get a cold slab of Ho Ho Ho in this vintage Marvel Comics holiday ad ... by Jack Kirby?
by Longbox Graveyard on Dec 4, 2012

Super Tuesday: The Strange Case of Doctor Strange

The strange case of the Doctor Strange book that never was!
by Longbox Graveyard on Nov 27, 2012

Super Tuesday: Direct Currents

Get electrified with DC's Direct Currents.
by Longbox Graveyard on Nov 20, 2012

Super Tuesday: A Doll By Any Other Name

This week’s Super Tuesday flashback is another Heroes World ad (from the era before they destroyed the comics business). This offer is trying real hard not to use the word “doll” in describing the toys on offer, settling on “c...
by Longbox Graveyard on Nov 13, 2012

Super Tuesday: Get Down, America!

As one of the more Mickey Mouse campaigns in American Presidential history thankfully concludes today, Super Tuesday looks back on an era offering real choice, with the 1976 White House run of Steve Gerber‘s Howard the Duck. Howard’s camp...
by Longbox Graveyard on Nov 6, 2012

Super Tuesday: Trick Or Treat

An ode to the crappy superhero Halloween costumes of my youth.
by Longbox Graveyard on Oct 30, 2012

Super Tuesday: Marvel Horror Triple Feature

In the spirit of the Halloween season Longbox Graveyard this week presents a horror-themed Marvel house ad from 1974 or 1975 for Super Tuesday. A relaxation of the Comics Code in 1971 cracked the tomb door for horror titles and Marvel didn’t wa...
by Longbox Graveyard on Oct 23, 2012

Super Tuesday: Gene The Dean

The great Gene Colan pencils some unusual characters.
by Longbox Graveyard on Oct 16, 2012

Super Tuesday: The Merry Marvel Marching Society

Here’s the ad introducing Marvel’s first fan club — the Merry Marvel Marching Society. Actually I’m not sure it was a club so much as it was an excuse to sell some swag that your average collector would die to have today. For...
by Longbox Graveyard on Oct 9, 2012

Super Tuesday: Handing It To Shang-Chi

Shang Chi was in good hands with Mike Zeck.
by Longbox Graveyard on Oct 2, 2012

Super Tuesday: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What's Wrong With This Picture? I'll tell you -- it's a superhero ad without any superheroes!
by Longbox Graveyard on Sep 25, 2012

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