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Award-Winning Beauty Therapist?

We are thrilled to announce that Beauty Therapist Marcio is now a Finalist for Male Therapist of the Year in the BABTAC Awards!The BABTAC and CIBTAC Annual Awards is one of the most prestigious events of the year in the beauty, hair and hol...
by DanielMassage on Apr 28, 2016

How will having a Massage help me?

If you have never had a massage before and are a bit nervous or a little apprehensive about what to expect, please don't be.There's Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage  -...
by DanielMassage on Apr 14, 2016

Will having a massage help my back pain?

Have you ever gone to you GP suffering from a bad back and then just been sent home and told to rest and take painkillers?I bet you - or someone you know - has had just that!By just relaxing at home, you are getting relief from the pain but not actua...
by DanielMassage on Apr 7, 2016

Which is the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Did you know that Inbound Marketing is becoming more important to a Male Waxing and Tattoo Removal business these days than Outbound Marketing? I certainly didn’t. That was until I read an article this week I had no idea what Inbound...
by DanielMassage on Mar 18, 2016

Male Beauty Therapist of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Beauty Therapist Marcio is a semi-finalist for Male Therapist of the Year in the BABTAC Awards!                                 The...
by DanielMassage on Mar 11, 2016

More massage services call to the hotel

More massage services call to the hotel – If we are lovers of massage and wanted to try fantasy call masseuse at the nuances of different we can try when they go traveling out of..
by hotel travel on Mar 9, 2016

Best Swedish Massage – NYC

Best Swedish massage NYC is one of the most common types of massage. It is more popular in the West and is the best one to start if you’re going to take a massage for the first time. The main purpose of a best Swedish massage is to relax the whole...
by vitclasses on Jul 14, 2015

Hello, Daniel Beauty...

A few weeks ago I answered the phone as I usually do in my normal polite manner. This is despite often getting sales calls or timewasters, so this is no mean feat!Daniel: "Good Morning Daniel Beauty...."Caller: "Hello?"Daniel: "Hello, how can I help...
by DanielMassage on Mar 13, 2015

[review] Lymphatic Drainage Massage @ Face Factor Clinic, Publika Solaris Dutamas

How's the Chinese New Year celebration going on ? Let me be honest, I do get a little tired with all the visiting and late night catching up with friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the quality bonding time with them but my body is say...
by Small N' Hot on Feb 25, 2015

Our New Photos

We have just taken new photos of the Daniel Beauty team for our massage and waxing websiteEnjoy!Daniel - the boss!Marcio who offers massage, male waxing and female waxing:Ricky who runs the office:Daniel
by DanielMassage on Oct 16, 2014

How massage can help with neck pain

Neck pain is a general term to describe any pain felt in the neck and surrounding area. The cause of the pain will vary from person to person as will the type of pain felt. Many people who work on computers all day and other things that can put press...
by DanielMassage on Aug 20, 2014

Marcio the Masseur's New Picture

Recently we took a new photograph of my new Junior Massage Therapist Marcio in our garden.He's rather handsome don't you think? Daniel
by DanielMassage on May 30, 2014

Our Second Treatment Room

I mentioned in a couple of previous blogs about our new Junior Massage Therapist Marcio:Well, to accommodate his male waxing, massage and four-handed massage treatments, we have turned my upstairs office into a second therapy room.It isn't quite fini...
by DanielMassage on Apr 24, 2014

Why You Need Massage Therapy Before Year End

Get your body ready for the new year of exercise with massage therapy.  Don't take those knotted and tensed up muscles into the new year.  Every serious exerciser needs regular massage therapy. You can't exercise, burn fat and build a...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Dec 31, 2013

Discover The Right Kind Of Massage For Yourself

His and Her solutions information and products for libido, weight loss Herbal HRT, hoodia gordonii, juices, capsules Anti-Ageing, skin care, acne solutions, his and her solutions for a HealthyU lifestyle. Quality natural herbal supplements at fair p...
by HealthyU on Jan 17, 2013

Swedish Massage

Chances are that if you've been for massage, the style of massage you received was what is commonly referred to as Swedish massage. This technique was developed about the beginning of the 19th century in Sweden and is typically attributed to a Sw...
by Skype Ladies Massage Therapy on Sep 15, 2012

Want To Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Swedish Massage?

Unlike the Asian massage techniques, which concentrate on ensuring a balanced energy flow through the meridians or sen lines, the Swedish message is a Western practice based on physiological and anatomical concepts. Consequentially, people who want t...
by Healthy Lifestyle on Mar 19, 2012

How much does Laser Lipo cost?

I have been a trained Laser Lipo technician for a while now - and offer Laser Lipo inch-loss treatment sessions at my home salon in Woking Surrey for about a year. I have even given myself and my partner several treatments over that time. But now -...
by DanielMassage on Mar 16, 2012

How to run a Laser Lipo and Massage Business with Builders

No one said that running a business was easy. Especially a Laser Lipo, Massage and Male Waxing business when you are the boss. Long hours. Spending the weekend doing accounts and catching up on paperwork. But that is made all the harder when the bu...
by DanielMassage on Mar 10, 2012

Relaxing body spa and massage at Urban Escape

After a day’s hard work, a relaxing body massage is one way to release our mind and body stress. It releases tension and pain in the muscles, allowing them to move more freely. To relieve my body stress, I went … Continue reading →...
by Experience of a Super Mommy on Mar 9, 2012

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