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What's In My Cabinet

Hi!  I'm joining Sandi today at Rose Chintz Cottage to talk about "What's in my Cabinet?"  We are sharing things that are our treasures.  I have always loved my blue and white transferware by Johnson Brothers the pattern is Coaching Sc...
by The Charm of Home on Oct 1, 2012

Spring Planning

Have you been spring planning?  I have been giving a lot of thought to this year and to the plans I need to make.  Of course you knew I would sit down and do it with a cup of tea. A simple pear makes a nice treat with a cup of tea. What s...
by The Charm of Home on Mar 6, 2012

Tea Towel Review

I have two beautiful linen tea towels I received from  for review.   The first thing I noticed is how pretty the towels are.  They each have a striking design printed on one side.    The tw...
by The Charm of Home on Oct 17, 2011

This and That

Wow it's October already!  The time is just flying by.  There are so many things I want to accomplish and it just seems that there are never enough hours in the day.  My front porch still looks summery, so I am working on cozying...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Oct 3, 2011

I Heart Vintage Linens

I love them all ~ Tablecloths, Bridge Sets, Napkins, Tea Towels.Any time I find vintage linens I just swoon.Here are a few on that old tea cart I painted recently.(I love the tea cart too)I think of the love that went into each cross stitch and...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Aug 29, 2011

Fall's Color

Fall's color is bright.  The oranges, golds, and reds pop and beg us to come outside before we are trapped by the gray cold November skies. Orange stands out as the color of Fall.  Warmth and fire is what it reminds me of. Have a mug of cof...
by The Charm of Home on Aug 29, 2011

It's the Little Things

Often it's the little things in life that bring us joy.An email from an old friend.Finding a perfect sea shell while walking along the beach.The happy greeting you receive from your dog when youwalk through the door.Finding some precious small pine c...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Aug 15, 2011

What's On My Table Top?

I love this tea cup ~ I think it's pretty.I am joiningTable Top TuesdayandTea Cup Tuesdayand last but certainly NOT leastTea Time TuesdayBentley ~ send your best smooches to these lovely hostesses!Lots of love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Jul 11, 2011

Classic Whites

Classic whites. Always in season. Always freshand lovely.I am joining ~Table Top TuesdayBentley and I had a wonderful holiday weekend eventhough it rained most of the time. No matter what theweather we always enjoy spending time with thosewe love!
by Ash Tree Cottage on May 30, 2011

The Beach Theme is Taking Over the House

     I've added a few more beach touches around the house this week. Most of these things you have seen before, just in different locations. I kept the long silver tray that I used for Easter decorating on the coffee table and sim...
by I Need Mom! on May 3, 2011

Beach Dreaming

     I packed away all of the bunnies and eggs yesterday and decided to try to bring a little sunshine to my house. We seem to be in the midst of a monsoon season in Illinois. We had another 3 inches of rain just last night and it...
by I Need Mom! on Apr 26, 2011

A Touch of White

          You may have noticed this china tray in my post about my kitchen redo. I didn't take a close photo of it for that post, as I wanted to share some of my bargains with you today. I knew that I was...
by I Need Mom! on Apr 12, 2011

The Kitchen Redo Unveiled

     I should have taken more "before pictures". In fact, this was the only picture I could find that had my kitchen with the white appliances. Hopefully, my sister and brother-in-law won't mind me sharing her 50th birthday p...
by I Need Mom! on Apr 3, 2011

The Spool Cabinet Found a Home

     You may remember that we brought home this unique spool cabinet from my in-laws home a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure where we were going to put it, but it was such a treasure to them that I knew we had to find a home for it in...
by I Need Mom! on Mar 29, 2011

Antique Books

I don't have many antique books, but of the few I have, this oneis my favorite.It is the first book I ever purchased at a tag sale with myMom when I was a young girl.Aunt Jo's Scrap-BagVol. IIICupid and Chow-Chow, Etc.byLouisa May AlcottPublished in...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Mar 28, 2011

Oooh Baby!

I love vintage silver and I really like this vintage baby cup andfork and spoon. T he graphics in this vintage baby bookare wonderful too. A 1941 copyright and there were never any entries in the book.Too bad. Maybe the new mom was so busy she didn...
by Ash Tree Cottage on Mar 21, 2011

The Bunny Hop!

     It is Tuesday and that means it is time to share a little vignette with you for Table Top Tuesday. Make sure you stop over and visit Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for her weekly party. Today's little bit of spring sits on the li...
by I Need Mom! on Mar 21, 2011

St. Pat's Day Celebration! Giveaway!

I'm am joining Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen for her annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl. Make sure you visit her and come to the party!      It is a bit of a stretch for me to come up with St. Patrick's Day things. It isn...
by I Need Mom! on Mar 15, 2011

Make Way for Birdies!

I found this last week.It's a Victorian style birdcage.I won't put any birds in it because I can't bear to see any animalin a cage ~ but it sure will look great on my front porch.Of course, that's if and when we start having some spring likeweather.
by Ash Tree Cottage on Mar 7, 2011

Seeking Spring

     Today I will show you how winter has disappeared from my coffee table and spring has arrived. I am always challenged displaying things on my round table. I started with a vintage silver tray that belonged to my mother. The ca...
by I Need Mom! on Mar 7, 2011

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