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Tattoo Design Collection

by Tattoo Body Art on Dec 3, 2010

The Best Dragon Tattoo for Girl

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first of a trilogy based on the Swedish novels of Stieg Larsson. As I have not read the novels, I cannot comment on their transition to the big-screen. This film, however, is excellent as a stand-alone and is ve...
by CELEBRITY GALLERY on Nov 2, 2010

Best 3D Tattoo Designs 2010

These tattoo designs are also being flaunted by a number of celebrities as they represent attitude and passion. These new designs are a unique style of tattooing that adds depth and realism to the design. This is accomplished by adding a shadow to th...
by CELEBRITY GALLERY on Oct 31, 2010

Tattoo Design Collection

Every artist will need some sort of reference from you to apply the tattoo exactly the way you want it. That leaves you with two choices: You can either describe your design idea to your artist and let him draw something for you or you can show him a...
by star tattoo on Sep 25, 2009

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