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What awaits her now?

Share on TumblrRose Tyler finally gets back to The Doctor after six years in the alternate universe's time to find he has regenerated after she and the duplicate Doctor split up but she leaves and goes to live by the sea in a town called Broadchurch.

Becoming Alec Hardy

Share on TumblrRose has been left on Bad Wolf Bay – again, this time with the Doctor's clone and she's not happy and neither is he but she agrees to give him a chance and instead of going back to London, they go off to live in Glasgow and get a...

Return of the Bad Wolf

Share on TumblrRose Tyler has been summoned to Bad Wolf Bay by the voice of the Doctor. They followed his voice for 100s of miles, across the water and finally, he was standing in front of her.  He promised he would find a way to get her...

The skating rink

Rose Tyler gets talked into bringing her two young cousins to the local ice skating rink for their birthdays with their friends, helped by her friend Donna but her brother has just returned from Uni and is tagging along.  Rose is unaware Donna i...

The reluctant clone

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