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MITM Attack — Reverse Engineering an Encrypted Service

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by What is web development on Jul 29, 2016

Sniffing HTTPS URLS with malicious PAC files

In March this year we discovered an issue with the way many web browsers and operating systems handle Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) files. PAC files are JavaScript code that tell the browser which proxy to use when trying to reach a particular URL. If an a...
by What is web development on Jul 29, 2016

High frequency security bug hunting: 120 days, 120 bugs

1) Intro & Motivations 2) Findings 3) Analysis 4) Methodology 5) Advice 6) Notable bug I: Second order subdomain/page takeovers 7) Notable bug II: DOM Based XSS via subtitle tracks 1) Intro & Motivations At the start of of this year, I set my...
by What is web development on Jul 29, 2016


Morganistik says: I just love Gesaffelstein. The first time I saw his name, I asked who is that new guy and a friend told me he was the new sensation from Turbo Records. Then I learned he was part of The Hacker’s new label Zone. And since the b...
by Morganistik Says on Nov 4, 2013

The Hacker

We would like to personally thank The Hacker for naming his latest track after us… “Night Drive” Michel Amato aka The Hacker is mostly known for pioneering the Electroclash scene in the early 2000s, however he’s been around si...
by Nightdrive on Mar 4, 2012

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