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Heading Back To School As A Student – One Last Time

Last week, I was admitted to a doctoral program at the University of Southern California. The program is all-online and focuses on Organizational Change and Leadership. If completed successfully, the doctoral degree that I will receive is a Doctor of...
by on Jun 9, 2015

By George! Zhoosh’s top 5 iconic Georges.

George Passmore (half of Gilbert and George) George Passmore first met his long term collaborator, lover Gilbert Proesch, back in 1967 at Martin’s School of Art in London (Central Saint Martins) where they both studied sculpture. Put off by wha...
by Zhoosh on Jul 28, 2013

Jesse James Says Kat Von D 100% Better Than Sandra Bullock…in Bed!

by Beautelicious on May 4, 2011

David Arquette Tried To Get Courteney Cox Back, But Failed!

David Arquette misses his wife, Courteney Cox. While on a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom (Disney) with Courteney and thier daughter, Coco, David tired to woo her back and it was a fail! It must be weird for him that she turns down his advances and...
by Beautelicious on Apr 14, 2011

Robert Schimmel DEAD In Car Accident

Sad news for these days, because it has been reported that comedian Robert Schimmel has died inside a Phoenix hospital from injuries he suffered in a automobile incident according to TMZ. He was 60 years old. Schimmel, who grew to become famous for h...
by Free INFO on Sep 4, 2010

No, Howard Stern Is NOT On Vacation This Week

Some of the most fun that I have with this blog is tracking where the visitors come from; especially when they are coming from a search engine. Yesterday, Sirius XM’s Howard Stern and his crew took the day off (it was Labor Day – we all...
by on Sep 8, 2009

Howard Stern is on Vacation…Again!

Just when you thought the man couldn’t work any less…Howard Stern is on vacation again! This vacation started last week and will last through the end of this week. I understand that he has these types of vacation breaks written into his...
by on Jul 7, 2009

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