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Home Improvements You Can Refresh Your Space With

No matter how much time and effort you put into the design and décor of your home, there will always be room for improvement. Each space and each feature has its own particularities which lead to various ideas that could make them better. Each one o...
by Home decoration on Dec 20, 2016

How to Make a Bed – Combining Form + Functionality

Most of us probably know how to make a bed, as far as the basics are concerned. Mattress pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet with a pillow or two up top. But we may wonder how to achieve the look of bed that appeals to us most in photos or in ot...
by Home decoration on Dec 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club “Best $5 Holiday Gift” Contest

Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club join today and get access to members-only contests, money savings party ideas, crafts, recipes, exclusive product sneak peeks, and more! Now through December 31 a new contest upload pictures of what they believe is the...
by My Free Product Samples on Dec 12, 2016

Stir It Up Club from Kahiki Foods FREE Coupon and Sweepstakes

Kahiki Foods wants you to be a part of their Stir It Up Club and are launching a special promotion to immerse you into their tasty world of frozen Asian foods. Now through December 31st, everyone who joins the Stir It Up Club will automatically rece...
by My Free Product Samples on Dec 12, 2016

FREE Online Tools Underage Drinking Talk To Your Kids

You can get FREE online tools to assist you in making an action plan to talk to your kids about underage drinking even before they are exposed to the peer pressure. Have a look around the site for the help you need. SAMHSA’s underage drinking p...
by My Free Product Samples on Dec 12, 2016

50 Christmas Mantles For Some Serious Decorating Inspiration

Everyone dreams of having a fireplace at Christmas. There’s just something about the Christmas morning daydream, with the sparkling tree and the crackling fireplace and the soft carols playing in the background, that speaks to each and every he...
by Home decoration on Dec 9, 2016

P&G Everyday, Coupons, Inspiration, Advice and Recipes

Become part of the growing P&G Everyday community where you will discover loads of great tips and inspiration, recipes and advice. As a busy mom, you always want the best for your family. Now, P&G Everyday is here to help. With tons of great...
by My Free Product Samples on Dec 7, 2016

Holiday Hazards for Dogs

Holiday Hazards for Dogs: We’ve all heard the horrors of little ones being in harm’s way, from minor tummy aches to more serious visits to the ER, due to unforeseen accidents. This year, let’s be mindful of our precious pups as we wrap our tree...
by Wiggleless on Dec 2, 2016

FREE publication More Ways to Save at the Bank by FDIC

This FREE publication More Ways to Save at the Bank by FDIC contains tips and tricks as well as covers topics such as Saving and Investing for Your Future: Questions to Ask Yourself Now; Checking Accounts: More Questions to Ask; Saving Money on a Mor...
by My Free Product Samples on Sep 2, 2016

10 Ways to Achieve The Most Organized Pantry Ever

Every homeowner knows that an organized home is a happy home. Less clutter equals less stress. Some spaces are easy to keep clean like your living room, your dining room or your bedroom. Others, however, are in a perpetual state of disorganization an...
by Home decoration on Sep 1, 2016

How And Why To Decorate With LED Strip Lights

When LED lights first appeared on the market they lacked the versatility needed for most home interiors. However, things are different now and LED light strips are now very popular along with other types. There are many different ways in which you c...
by Home decoration on Aug 2, 2016

Keep a Healthy Smile with New Approach to Combat Periodontal Desease

If you’ve ever seen Beyonce and her megawatt smile, you know just how appealing a... The post Keep a Healthy Smile with New Approach to Combat Periodontal Desease appeared first on MELISASource.
by MELISASource on Aug 1, 2016

How to Install Board and Batten

Board and batten detailing a charming aesthetic on the walls. It has been used in interior and exterior designs for many years, adding timeless appeal and interesting architectural elements to otherwise ho-hum walls. If you love the look of board and...
by Home decoration on Jul 21, 2016

How to Smooth Textured Venetian Plaster Walls

There is certainly a place in design for textured walls; however, not all textured walls are created equal, and not all designs thrive with a textured wall. If you have textured walls, specifically Venetian plaster textured walls, and you’re lookin...
by Home decoration on Jul 14, 2016

How to Refinish Wooden Dining Chairs: A Step-by-Step Guide from Start to Finish

Wooden furniture is one of the most wonderful inventions, isn’t it? Wood in and of itself is a gorgeous material, and when it’s used for furniture, it’s just perfection. Except, of course, when that furniture is dining room chairs…and it’s...
by Home decoration on Jul 8, 2016

Dogs And Summer Heat

Dogs And Summer Heat Summer Safety Tips The joys of Summer have officially arrived and it is time to get outdoors and breathe! Your furry friends are just as excited as you are to frolic in the meadows, run down the beaches, and play with their mates...
by Wiggleless on Jul 5, 2016

10 Tips To Master Your Modern Photo Wall

Modern decorating can be beautiful but difficult to find inspiration, mostly because many people think that modern means minimal. That is untrue. Modern styling incorporates simple colors, clean lines and smooth textures, but there’s no one th...
by Home decoration on Jul 1, 2016

How to Paint an Exterior Door as in, Shut the Front Door!

Probably the least expensive yet most impactful ways you can update the look of your exterior front entry is to paint the front door. Such a huge chunk of color, front-and-center, is certainly one of the most visual aspects of your front entry space.
by Home decoration on Jun 27, 2016

How to Mount a Light On Top of a Mirror Bathroom Vanity

Customized spaces, even bathroom spaces, always look and feel more expensive than generic, builder-grade ones. One way to customize your bathroom, no matter the style or size, is to install an oversized vanity mirror and mount a bathroom lighting fix...
by Home decoration on Jun 23, 2016

How to Install a Tile Shower Corner Shelf

While shower niche shelves are space-saving wonders of the world, they are not a practical option for some tub surround/shower spaces. If your shower is on an exterior wall, for example, a niche shelf would eliminate much-needed exterior wall insula...
by Home decoration on Jun 22, 2016

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