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A Time to Love Again

Looking back, I can see that ashes in my life. I still remember the hardships, pain, and struggles. Looking at myself now, I am very thankful that the mess in my past turns out to be a striking message not just for me but for all the women (in my opi...

Learn to Love: The First Chapter

LOVE: Many say that love can not be interpreted with absolutely right, because everyone has different experiences of love.  In fact, anyone talks about love with a different definition, based on each other’s experiences. Although each lesson i...
by andi chen on Mar 7, 2011

Lyrics: To Love Again - Alesha Dixon

All this time i felt so lost, lost and needed help.Incomplete, out of reach, All alone by myself.It all becomes so clear, when i see your face.And it’s only when you’re near, I feel i’m safe.-So before we take this road, before you change my mi...
by Videos and Lyrics on Sep 16, 2010

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