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Bottomless pit

I’m permanently amazed by how much food N can and does put away.  I shouldn’t really, given that I can put away a fair amount myself, and of course he needs a lot of fuel for all the running around … Continue reading →The post Bottom...
by Bubbablue and Me on Apr 26, 2013

Miracle recipe to get toddler to eat: Pastas Soup

Firstly, please note that in toddler speak, ‘pastas’ is the official plural of ‘pasta’. I know this, because the tinkerous toddler told me. Very emphatically. Secondly, please note that the one ingredient this recipe won’...
by MotherWifeMe on Dec 17, 2011

Toddler Eating: Tips To Create Healthy Eaters

The first tip to creating healthy toddler eating is a rather obvious one but one that is often overlooked or not adhered to. It is vital that parents provide healthy foods by keeping the shopping on a healthy level for everyone in the family not just...
by The Parent Fairy on Feb 25, 2010

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