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Helter Skelter 2015! Obama’s Behind Current Race War Says DHS Leak! VIDEO

Ct Patriot:Is any of this really a shock to anyone? Do we really need to go on about his associates like Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle ”MIKE” Obama, Rohm Emanuel, etc. T...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 30, 2014

(NSFW DEATH PHOTO) Mulsim Ismaaiyl “Abdullah” Brinsley Who Executed 2 NYC Police Just Following The Koran, Surah 8.

Brinsley is a jihad sympathizer who used the racial turmoil as an excuse to kill Americans. The Ferguson riots as we shall see here were pushed and organized by Muslim fundamentalists in America.
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 24, 2014

Must Watch! San Diego Chem-Bombed Video: Geo-Engineering A Slow Painful Death For Us All!

Ct Patriot: So they have now taken the Geo-engineering of our atmosphere to the next level. Have they graduated from the Chemtrails we now see everywhere in our sky’s? The following video shows what appears to be a Chemtrail exploding over San...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 24, 2014

SHOCKING VIDEO: LAPDs Christmas Party “Singer” Gary Fishell Mocks Michael Brown’s Death! To Cheers?

Ct Patriot: Just another example of the growing divide in America. The lack of respect on both sides. From what it seem’s the singer of the inappropriate song mocking the death of Michael Brown was a member of the Elks club. And not actually a...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 24, 2014

A Son

Four of the 141 kids who lost their lives in Peshawar Attack.Written By: Kimz Aziz.He said he had a fever,I laughed and ignored.He laughed too, because he was joking,I won't hear his jokes anymore.I asked him to get ready,So that he could go to schoo...
by Finding Neverland on Dec 18, 2014

16/12/14 - Peshawar.

Written By: Jaweriya Ahmad16/12/14 - This day, will forever be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of Pakistan. Why? Because we lost more than a hundred innocent kids in a heinous terrorist attack that morning. More than a hundred fu...
by Finding Neverland on Dec 17, 2014

No Power Word Power

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Larry and Dorie Jackson will be having a party at their house on Malajog Beach.  The date is 27 Dec.  The time, if I remember correctly, is at noon.  This announcement will also be in the Calbayog Expat Facebook Group and if I am i...
by Texan in the Philippines on Dec 15, 2014

The Police State Is Here! Constitutionalists and Conservatives Targeted! (SHOCKING VIDEO)

The startling admission not only points to active surveillance of legal gun owners, but of those who support the country’s founding document, further solidifying concerns among law-abiding citizens that police are receiving military equipment and t...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 14, 2014

VH1’s Stephanie Moseley Killed By Rapper Earl Hayes As Floyd Mayweather Watched! (VIDEOS)

Ct Patriot; Another guy who should have just walked away. Now they are both dead. Her murdered and him taking the coward’s way out.       Hayes/Moseley Murder Suicide He Accused Her Of Affair With Trey Songz 12/9/2014 BY TMZ STAF...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 9, 2014

NSFW GRAPHIC VIDEOS: Actor Paul Walker Burned Alive In Crash! Was Car Bombed For Blood Sacrifice?

3. The Huge Explosion In the event that Walker’s car was in fact struck with a drone missile, a tremendous explosion would have occurred. Coincidentally, on December 2, 2013, TMZ reported that the crash that killed Paul Walker resulted in a “hug...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 6, 2014

(VIDEO) Racist Blacks Howling “Kill The White People!” While Hammering White Man To Death!

Ct Patriot: So This isn't a Hate crime because he was white and the murdering animals were non-white? That is liberal insanity at it's best. Before you get all bent out of shape and call me the racist or whatever. I have been in the exact same situat...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 6, 2014

Must Watch! Heavily Armed Ferguson Cops Stop The Oath Keepers From Protecting Buildings! (VIDEOS)

Ct Patriot: Is this the start of the second civil war? Are we going to have more destruction and death at the hands of these simple minded racists? Just to let you in on a secret in case you don't know... This is exactly what Obama and his puppet mas...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Dec 3, 2014

Fake Ass Drug Dealers Jay Z & Rick Ross Challenged By The Real Rick “Freeway” Ross! (VIDEOS)

"I was just reading on the airplane the other day in Vanity Fair with Jay-Z in it talking about that he sold crack. I was just reading it and it was so corny.
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 25, 2014

Kinky Cosby? Forced Oral On Busty Actress Louisa Moritz (NSFW PICS) Drugged Joyce Emmons For Friend? (VIDEO)

But that there are many many sexual predators in Hollywood and the Music industry. They just seem to get away with it until they open their mouths against the ones in controls agenda. Only then does the dirt come out and the hammer comes down. Play b...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 22, 2014

Zeig Heil! Our Own Führer, Dictator Barrack Obama! He’s Killing The US With A Pen! (VIDEOS)

Ct Patriot: I have said it since 2006 and I will repeat myself again. President Obama is insane, completely insane and psychopathic with delusions of god hood. Just like his "prophet" Muḥammad. So we now how a full fledged dictator hell bent on des...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 22, 2014

Race Baiter Rev. Al Sharpton Owes Over $4.5 Mil in Taxes! Is that Racism? (VIDEOS)

Ct Patriot:This is whats wrong with America.  How can anyone follow this racist bum? Hey Al I have to pay my taxes why don’t you? Racism?  Now what i really am curious about is how much money has this deceiver made in order to owe over $4.5 m...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 18, 2014

Nazi Like Public School Indoctrination Teaching Kids: “Obey Government Officials Commands!” VIDEOS

Last year a concerned parent sent us a grammar test paper given to his 10-year-old which asked students to re-word the phrase, “The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.”...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 17, 2014

“Stupid Americans” You got Screwed, ObamaCare Authors Played You For Suckers! (3 VIDEOS)

Ct Patriot:Don't you see how much they hate us? You stupid Americans...I said this at the time. Go back and look it up. And they are right on the whole we are a nation of dumb asses. I just don't see why I need to suffer because my neighbors are simp...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 13, 2014

DOUCHE ALERT! Wounded Veteran Hero’s War Dog Stolen! Give Back Matty Mr. Vargas! (VIDEOS)

But Brent Grommet never saw Matty again. He says a Lt. Col. Richard Vargas absconded with Matty, and the military has done nothing to make it right. “It’s like someone stole your kid in front of you,” Grommet says, “and there’s nothing y...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 13, 2014

WARNING! Chicago Nuked In 2015? Email Hacker Guccifer Exposes Globalist Plan! (VIDEO)

Guccifer – the Romanian hacker who accessed private email accounts of numerous top government & military officials as well as the Bush & Rockefeller family – is quoted in the New York Times as predicting a nuclear attack on Chicago someti...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 11, 2014

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