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Google's App Translation Service now open for all developers to use

Google's App Translation Service now open for all developers to useGoogle is working to bring more of Google Play to countries with languages other than English, and launching its App Translation Service is a big step in the right direction.Leer noti...
by OTRO ANDROID BLOG on Nov 11, 2013

What to look for while availing legal translation services

As human beings and belonging to only one culture and language, we have certain limitations. For example, we are usually unable to translate texts in various languages with its original expression and meaning. Various translation companies are provid...
by Free Articles Directory on Jul 29, 2013

The Importance of Translation Service in Globalization

Globalization dictates that every business learn how to transact with other business in different parts of the world, and in doing so, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller everyday.

Web Development Solutions for your Business

Today businesses cannot survive the stiff competition without web development needs. Every business, company needs a strong online presence and that presence can only be achieved through a well designed and well developed business website, which reac...
by Free Articles Directory on May 30, 2012

Online Personal Document Translation Service

Have you ever experienced going to and from a translation service provider’s office? Have you ever experienced the pressure of completing everything on time for your travel but find yourself in a full line of clients who are also waiting for th...
by Macros on Mar 31, 2012

Need of Spanish Translation Service

These days, it is possible to learn a new language with the latest and improves technology. There are reliable places that offer translation services or places where you can buy software to learn a new language that you want. Rosetta is a well known...
by heavenly-dreams on Feb 26, 2012

The Complexity of Legal Translation

Legal translation, also known as sworn translation, can be a complicated task often involving extensive specialist linguistic and cultural knowledge of both languages. The impact of the Internet and the ever-increasing homogenisation of the world hav...
by Today Translations on Feb 13, 2012

The best language translation services

Languages Unlimited is a well known name in language translation services . We provide certified translation services for various documents and websites. Our certified translators will help you in all kind of foreign language translation. Languages u...

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