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Enhoying Helsinki Dry Gin cocktail in HelsinkiCare for shopping?Helsinki, FinlandConcert in ImatraSwimming after a sauna in Lake SaimaaThe fourth largest lake in EuropeBycicle forest in ImatraLocosAudience at a racing trackRacing trackGabe the dogPre...
by Events Blog on Aug 23, 2016

Inspirational Interview – Fab 5 with Her Packing List

A chat with Brooke Schoenman, the clever travel mind behind Her Packing List.
by vegeTARAian on Aug 18, 2016

Visiting New York: Manhattan Essential Icons

Exploring a city like New York can be overwhelming. Everything is bigger, louder, faster and more intense – including your expectations. If you’re anything like me you’ll want it all: the skyline views from the big tourist attractions to di...
by WanderingTrader on Aug 10, 2016

Top Things to Do in Bali: Unique Tourist Attractions

The top things to do in Bali – famous tourist attractions – bring sights of romantic honeymoons and exotic escapes. So unique is this island that some travelers think it is an independent country. But Bali is part of Indonesia: a kaleid...
by WanderingTrader on Aug 8, 2016


There’s something utterly special about an early weekend morning rendezvous with good friends, over aromatic coffee and a plateful of refined omelette with freshly baked goodies. Amidst our hectic lives in this cosmopolitan emirate called, Duba...

Indonesia: June 13-22, 2016

Seminyak, Mt Batur, Ubud & Jimbaran Currency: Indonesian Rupiah Brushing up on my nearly non-existent surfing skills in the waves in Seminyak Stay: Tijili in Seminyak – good prices for a nice hotel with a pool, and close to the beach Cheap...
by Travelling With YeoMomma on Aug 4, 2016


I usually fall in love with the places I visit and Italy is not an exception. It has been one of my wildest dreams to set foot in this country – to enjoy and savour the food, the wine, the coffee, to admire and appreciate the picturesque corner...
by Beyond Toxicity @ on Jul 25, 2016

Traveling Mexico… It’s not all Taco’s and Tequila

I had the pleasure of spending 3 months traveling in Mexico in early 2016. As I boarded the plan leaving home I began my voyage with no expectations, and the only thing I was certain about was that I wanted to go absolutely everywhere except Cancun.
by WanderingTrader on Jul 25, 2016

Shopping: Madeira Popular Shops and Outlets

Shopping in Madeira together with excellent beaches, admiring nature, different historical monuments and gastronomy delights plus the better parts of tourists go to Portuguese for shopping to renew their wardrobe. Shopping lovers visit Madeira to buy...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jul 17, 2016

i1Holiday Your One Stop Hotels and Travel Packages Comparison

Hello! are you busy checking, planning and doing your research for your next vacation? Most of us love to travel because it’s fun, widened our perspective and experience in life. Due to the current sluggish economy, majority of us will have to redu...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jul 17, 2016

Top Iceland Attractions for a Unique Stopover

One of the best European travel tips I can give you involves a stopover in Reykjavík and some really interesting Iceland attractions. How come, you may ask? You will be surprised to find it is cheaper stop in Iceland for a couple of days whenever y...
by WanderingTrader on Jul 17, 2016

Top Ten Cheap Activities In Osaka

By Tom Fay (, author of Must-See Japan Japan’s ‘second city’, Osaka is a busy, bustling metropolis in the heart of the Kansai region. Known for its friendly atmosphere and great food, tourists have started flocking he...
by Cheapo Japan on Jul 10, 2016


If you’re following my social network accounts, you must be aware about my travel buddy since July 5th, 2015. And yes, from that date when my brothers, JC & Marky who are based in Abu Dhabi suggested for me to buy a teddy bear from Build-A-...


While my mind was still overwhelmed with recent memories, and my SD card on my camera was filled with thousands of captures from Paris, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava, I collected my backpack and luggage that I left for few hours at the counter of th...
by Beyond Toxicity @ on Jun 21, 2016

Toy Travel: Around The World with Rilakkuma

Hey! when you travel do you carry your favourite toys along, take photos with your favourite toys, selfies and wefies. I noticed some did; it so cool lah. This is so called as Nui-Dori or more commonly known as Toy Travel. It's trending in social...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jun 18, 2016

CatatanKopiPerjalanan#1: Sudut Pandang Perjalanan

Setiap perjalanan adalah kisah yang penuh dengan pembelajaran. Tidak peduli apakah perjalanan itu singkat atau lama.Tidak peduli apakah perjalanan itu, kita lakukan di daerah sendiri, luar kota, luar provinsi atau luar negeri. Perjalanan tetaplah per...
by A Lifestyle Story Teller on Jun 15, 2016

The Best Places of Interest for street shoppers in Kolkata

The cultural capital of India, Kolkata is a true joy for any shopaholic. Not only there is a plethora of malls and market areas, there are several amazing alleys and lanes famous for street shopping. Let’s take a look at some of these havens for sh...
by best places of interest on Jun 15, 2016

Top 20 FREE things to do this summer in Japan

Summer is upon us and Japan has a host of things to do for budget tourists. We have compiled our list of the best free things to do. Enjoy! Tokyo Walk along Todoroki Valley Take a light walk along this hidden away paradise just outside central Tokyo.
by Cheapo Japan on Jun 14, 2016


It only took 5-Euro-bus-ride and about 45 minutes to reach Bratislava, the capital city of Slovak Republic from the bus stop at Vienna International Airport in Austria.  Armed with my pre-purchased one-way-ticket from Eurolines that I booked from th...
by Beyond Toxicity @ on Jun 12, 2016

In that Village of Thailand

Written By: Flora BakerMama watches the hole for red ants, chewing on a betel nut. She bends down to lift the upright log buried deep in the hole’s centre. She’s 67, worn to the colour of mahogany.The log is an old buffalo’s yoke. She and Papa...
by Finding Neverland on Jun 11, 2016

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