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Baklava, and bonding with Barcelona over good eats

Baklava. What could the syrupy, nut-ified, largely Middle Eastern treat (that I’ve confessed my undying love to) have to do with Barcelona? Oh something, alright.   And I’ll get to that, but first let’s back up to a couple of months ago, when...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jul 14, 2015

The best smelling country in the world

Allow me to take your nose on a journey. Close your eyes and imagine a waft of scents made up of melting chocolate, freshly made waffles, and the crispness of rain drops on spring flower petals. It’s a paradise of smells, wouldn’t you agree?
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 10, 2015

Summer vacation and gambling on Ericiera

We pretty much picked our summer holiday destination out of a hat. Sure, we’d narrowed it down to Portugal, but that was about it. Jacobo thinks he saw Ericeira on some list of best villages around the world, and with that (and minimal interne...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Oct 1, 2014

Back on the travel bandwagon

I know, I know — I’ve totally fallen off the radar these last months. But, seriously, the baby. As I mentioned in my last post, motherhood is, well, INTENSE. I mean, let’s be honest, I’m lucky if I remember deodorant on a daily basis, so maki...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Aug 18, 2014

Hotel obsession, and my top Spanish lodging experiences

A year and half ago I spent eight nights sleeping in Camino hostels: these clearly weren’t my best hotel experiences in Spain. In fact, that was the first and probably last time that I will be roughin’ it backpacker-style (until my next C...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Nov 26, 2013

Cudillero calling me back

I can’t stop staring at my cell phone with its wallpaper taunting me to go back. A lighthouse stretches out into the sea, waves crash into craggy rocks, and sunrays bathe a sloping cliff of green, with promise of warmth despite the chilly waters. S...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jul 11, 2013

MIA in Northern Spain

Oh dear. Do you still remember me? The deep passion for tortilla española? The adventures with sheep? The cheese, ohhh, the manchego cheese!?! Yes, it’s me Tortuga Viajera, and I know, it’s been a little while. After a couple of weeks of...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 4, 2013

Wine, luxury and La Rioja

Camel races are a good time, to be sure, but after a trip to relatively alcohol-free Dubai, my mother and I needed to follow up with some wine. What better place to do the trick than a couple of days in Spanish wine country? Truth is, though, that pr...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Apr 25, 2013

Magic and soul friends

Sometimes you meet a soul friend — a person that, with very few words or encounters, you just feel like you’ve known for a lifetime. My friend Candace is one of those people. It might seem like a cheesy term, I suppose — soul friend...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Nov 28, 2012

Traveling to Gibraltar on a budget

This week, I bring you a guest post from Agness; a Polish vagabond who, after graduating in 2011, left her comfort zone, setting off for the journey of a lifetime to China. She has been constantly traveling the world since then, living like a local f...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Oct 31, 2012

Weekend in Florence

When your family insists that you hop on a two-hour flight to meet them in Florence, Italy, you say “yes.” Oops, at first I said “no,” but I quickly came to my senses. After all, the two-day trip to Tuscany would be filled wit...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Aug 1, 2012

A feast for the eyes

You didn’t think I was done talking about food in Montseny, did you? Not a chance. Actually, though, in this post we’re going to skip all the chit-chat and instead cut straight to the photos. Below, feast your eyes on the museum-of-modern...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jul 18, 2012

Montseny in review

Admittedly, blog trips can be a little perplexing. All of our hosts share their food, hotels and products with such love, that I finish the trip overwhelmed with gratitude, full of food, and with my eyes a bit crossed. In the end, it seems near impos...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jul 13, 2012

A perfectly odd day in Barcelona

Seated at a café terraza in one of Barcelona’s octagon-shaped intersections, I savored what we Californian’s call earthquake weather: not cloudy, but not entirely sunny, and rather warm but not crazy hot, all with a sprinkle of mugginess...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jul 5, 2012

Nuts for chestnuts

Here comes another one of my confessions: I’m kind of obsessed with chestnuts (yes, I’m still talking about food). So when I was in Montseny and found out I’d be visiting a chestnut farm (!!!), I got all sorts of excited. My passion for...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 27, 2012

Breakfast in Montseny

I woke to the smell of a crackling fire as its fumes swirled up the stairs, around the thick stone walls and into my room. Disoriented, I peeked out my window only to be blinded by a wall of green mountainside, reaching for the sky across the valley.
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 21, 2012

Meet Montseny

My journey started in the bustling Barcelona center, smack right in front of La Sagrada Familia cathedral. Surrounded by tourists and the buzz of street traffic, I had no idea that only a half hour later I’d be engulfed in a nature paradise –...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 12, 2012

Postcard from Montseny

I’m not entirely sure where I am, as late last night we weaved up through the mountains, past the clouds, and finally stopped at a hidden stone villa, where a warm fire awaited and the promise of some much-needed sleep. What I do I know is that...
by La Tortuga Viajera on Jun 5, 2012

Quick trip to Barcelona

A couple of weeks ago, I took a day-trip to Barcelona. Meeting up with a friend who hadn’t been there before, we decided to jet around the city, checking out some top spots, and stopping occasionally for a much-needed glass of wine (or two). He...
by La Tortuga Viajera on May 16, 2012

Camino de Santiago: the video

Only about a week ago did I finally check my camera to see if I actually had any Camino video. Sure enough, I discovered a bunch of clips that brought the memories rushing back in (albeit bumpily and blurrily). Paired with pictures, and the sound of...
by La Tortuga Viajera on May 8, 2012

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