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London's wonderful Christmas lights and trees

London looks brilliant any time of the year but in the build up to Christmas London dresses up in its very best festive lights and trees pop up all over the city.  I'd love to show you a few of the fabulous sights to enjoy right now in London. &...

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees ~ History...
by on Dec 13, 2016

Gallery: Some Black and Whites

by Expat Photographer on Dec 11, 2016

Gallery: Rural New Jersey

by Expat Photographer on Dec 11, 2016

Walnut trees available in india

Apple tree, Apricort tree , Kiwi plant, Goji berry tree, Ginkgo biloba tree , Almond tree, Peach tree, Pear tree, Amlok tree, Howthorne tree ,Hazel tree, Zaitoon tree , Walnut seed plants are available only at:Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Intro...
by JKMPIC on Dec 8, 2016

fruit plants kashmir

Fruit plants of KashmirTaxus Persimmon, Wild Blue Persimmon tree,Apple tree, Apricort fruit  tree , Kiwi fruit  plant, Goji berry plant, Ginkgo biloba seed , Almond tree, Peach tree, Pear fruit  tree, Amlok fruit tree, Howthorne berrie...
by JKMPIC on Dec 8, 2016

26 Wall Christmas Trees To Save The Space

Some of us don’t have enough space for a large tree; some of us want an additional tree, for example, for the entryway or a kids’ room. That’s why today I’m sharing the cutest ideas that will take no space at all – I mean floor space. Wall...

Our World Tuesday - Cambodia - Trees

                             For Our World Tuesday I have chosen to share with you a photo from my 2015 trip to Cambodia.Our World is such an amazing and beautiful p...

5 Fun Funky DIY Trees I Made From Junk Finds

I didn’t realize how many DIY trees I made from junky stuff until I unpacked the Christmas decorations this year. The best and most surprising thing is they were all still intact. I wanted to share... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my we...
by Petticoat Junktion on Dec 5, 2016

Olive plant

Olive treesOlea europaea trees- Olive trees prefer sub-tropical and temperate regions of the world. These trees are native to the Asia and Africa. They like hot weather and sunny positions without any shade. They need full sun for fruit production, b...
by JKMPIC on Dec 3, 2016

India has planted 50 million trees in just 24 hours

Foto:shoutscoop.comPolluted cities in India have become more green. Nearly 50 million trees have been planted, far surpassing the world record existet.The event took place in Uttar Pradesh Monday, one of the most populated cities in the north. More t...
by Potent Scientia Est on Sep 29, 2016

DAJ Digital Images DA136 Trees III-SoSISO

DAJ Digital Images DA136 Trees III-SoSISO English | Size: 523 MB Category: Tutorial Founded in 1998. The Society of Sharing is dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources, and doing whatever it takes to get them to the inexperienced and experts...
by Tutorials For Download on Sep 3, 2016

Whom to blame?

There was a timeWhen air was fresh to breatheSoil was pure to hold the roots of treeWhen thunderstorm could not affect anythingButThe time has changedair is pollutedSoil has lost its moisture, all separatedleaving the roots abandonedTrees are falling...
by Pratibha The Talent on Aug 30, 2016

Ephemeral Elms

Every day, I’m thankful to live on my street because of its amazing architecture: I wake up in the morning, look out the window, and feel both wowed and grateful. But I’m also thankful because about halfway down Chestnut Street there is a...
by streets of salem on Aug 30, 2016

The Quotation of the Week (August 14 - 20, 2016)

A quotation of Thomas A. Edison on 'success,' compiled by Jerome D'CostaPhoto (A fench-hugging plant in Scarborough: May 5, 2016) © Jerome D'Costa...
by Bangladesh Canada and Beyond on Aug 14, 2016

Cherry Tree Under Stress: Tree Following, August 2016

My part of Maine is officially in a “moderate drought;” it has been many weeks since we had any significant (1” or more) rainfall. I imagine that some of my garden blogging friends in the west would scoff at the idea of this as a drought, but I...
by Jean's Garden on Aug 12, 2016

Tuesday morning

Inlägget Tuesday morning dök först upp på Photo By Manka.
by Photo By Manka on Aug 9, 2016

If they're plump and hard, do not water

Portulacaria afraDwarf Jade,Elephant Bush the Elephant's FoodSpekboomWater Dwarf Jade by the feel of the leaves. If they're plump and hard, do not water. Water when they just begin to soften.Portulacaria afraEasy care succulent from South Africa.&nb...
by Bonsai Beginnings on Aug 3, 2016

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Gardening For The Physical As Well As Mental Well-Being Of The Gardener

This post gives you some information about the amazing health benefits of gardening. Most of us consider gardening as a hobby or a pastime activity, but there are many who derive immense pleasure and satisfaction from the plants and trees they grow.
by Home Design Ideas on Aug 2, 2016

The Quotation of the Week (July 24 - 30, 2016)

A quotation of Harry Firestone on 'giving the best of oneself,' compiled by Jerome D'CostaPhoto (Decorating plants in garden in Toronto: May, 2016) © Jerome D'Costa...
by Bangladesh Canada and Beyond on Jul 24, 2016

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