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USB Hidden Files: Simple Solution

Categories: Tutorials Section, WindowsTags: winsowsIf you got problem with hidden files on usb, I found simple solution. All what you need in this tutorials is: Windows Command Line Step 1 – Open Command Line To open a command prompt in Wind...
by Tutorialbay on Dec 4, 2011

Firefox: Multi-row Bookmarks Toolbar

Categories: Tutorials SectionFind out how to setup multi-row bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. Multi-row bookmarks toolbar is tested on Windows XP and Firefox 5. But it should work on other OS and other Firefox versions. To make toolbar multi-row you mus...
by Tutorialbay on Aug 13, 2011

Enjoy Chatting on IRC Using Mibbit Online Client

Categories: Tutorials SectionMibbit is online irc chat client that can be used in any browser. Find out how to join irc channel. Today we have Facebook and may people forgot or dont know what is irc. Using irc client you can join many kind of channe...
by Tutorialbay on Jul 29, 2011

How to Change Facebook Chat to Old Style

Categories: Tutorials SectionI see that many people don’t like new Facebook chat. For users that use Firefox i found solution. Problem with new chat is that it showing people that you recently chatted even if they are offline. I found way to f...
by Tutorialbay on Jul 22, 2011

Watch Online Streaming Movies with Subtiles

Categories: Tutorials SectionMany times we need to add subtitles to movie. But how to do it while watching online stream. Find it out. What We Need Software: Mozilla Firefox VLC media player Mozilla extensions: DownloadHelper Movie streaming sour...
by Tutorialbay on Jul 8, 2011

Protect Your Facebook Account from Stealing

Categories: Tutorials SectionHere you will find out how to keep your facebook account safe. If it happens that someone steal your account, if you finished steps in this tutorial you will be able to easily return it back. Update Your Security Informa...
by Tutorialbay on Jun 29, 2011

Windows: How Auto Shutdown Without any Software

Categories: Tutorials SectionTags: windowsLearn how to use Windows “Run” to automate windows shutdown. You can configure it so it shutdown or restart after some time elapsed. Many times i got program working on my computer and i cant wai...
by Tutorialbay on Jun 15, 2011

Firefox: Disable Homepage Change

Categories: Tutorials SectionTags: firefoxFew easy steps to lock Firefox home page so it can not be changed. Step 1 – Find Full Name of Homepage Attribute In adress bar type “about:config” to find the key of the preference. Us...
by Tutorialbay on Jun 12, 2011

How to Use: Orbit Downloader

Categories: Tutorials SectionTags: how to use, tutorial, youtubeThis tutorial is about free download manger Orbit. Learn how to configure Orbit and how to download videos from youtube. I will walkthrourgh basic options in orbit that you maybe dont k...
by Tutorialbay on May 17, 2011

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