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Ax debugging configuration,Enable database log, Deploy Default cubes in Axapta

How to set batch job in AxaptaMicrosoft Dynamics Ax debugging configurationRest usage data for user in dynamics AxaptaDeploy Default cubes in Dyamics Ax

Ax debugging configuration,Enable database log, Deploy Default cubes in Dyamics Ax

Microsoft Dynamics Ax debugging configurationRest usage data for user in dynamics AxaptaDeploy Default cubes in Dyamics Ax

Probably the most (and least) fashionable units used to browse Android Police (Aug. 2016)

A number of of you – there are dozens of us! – have requested on quite a lot of events that Android Police record off a number of the hottest cellular units used on the location by our readers. Utilizing Google Analytics, we even have fai...
by picturedir on Aug 25, 2016

TalkPoint Improves Interaction With Groups In A Room

Tomorrow I'm giving a training session via web conference to a group of 16 people gathered in a room. They'll watch me on a projected screen and listen through a conference phone. I know I'll have to work extra hard...   &#...
by The Webinar Blog on Aug 24, 2016

How to Use a Credit Card

Credit cards are seemingly easy to use. Seventy-two percent of all Americans have a credit card but many of them are not using them correctly. You may be thinking, “how is there a wrong way to use a credit card?” While it may seem like yo...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Jul 29, 2016

How to Salvage a Nearly Empty Lip Gloss for a Makeup Save!

Though you can always toss or go with a different gloss, this makeup tip can help stretch your usage.Don’t you hate when you’re nearly finished with your makeup only to find that the favorite lip gloss that you wanted to wear is nearly gone once...
by Nuts 4 Stuff on Jul 24, 2016

Garner’s Modern English Usage by Bryan Garner

Garner’s Modern English Usage by Bryan Garner – Learning a foreign language is very important in order to interact with strangers from different countries fluently. Currently in schools already taught many foreign languages that will..
by Best Novel Review on Jul 14, 2016

Update - Getting WebEx Reminder Emails To Work

Back on June 23 I posted about problems I was having with a client's WebEx Event Center webinar. Registered attendees did not receive reminder emails through the WebEx system. I can now report the successful resolution of the issue. If... &#...
by The Webinar Blog on Jul 11, 2016

New PowerPoint Torture Test Available For Testing Web Conferencing Products

My last two posts talked about how hard it is to accurately reproduce advanced features of PowerPoint in web conferencing products. Over the years I have tried to help vendors and users evaluate their conferencing software and spot potential problem.
by The Webinar Blog on Jun 30, 2016

Should Web Conferencing Vendors Chase Presentation Features?

Yesterday I wrote a rather long post about how users should expect more faithful representation of sophisticated presentation content in their webinars, webcasts, and web meetings. I concentrated on the reproduction of animated movements on slides, a...
by The Webinar Blog on Jun 29, 2016

Web Conferencing Needs To Morph To Better Slide Display

I recently saw a sample presentation from a PowerPoint design company called INSCALE. The presentation showed off the power of a new feature introduced in PowerPoint 2016 and available only to users with an Office 365 subscription. The feature is...&...
by The Webinar Blog on Jun 28, 2016

Kenya’s Communications Authority pushes for digital usage

In the interest of expediting the digital signal roll out countrywide, it’s imperative to drive consumer awareness on digital television broadcasting as well as the types of available set top boxes in the market. Communications Authority of Kenya (...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jun 22, 2016

Quran on the usage of logic in religion

Question:Since you base everything on logic, what evidence can you give me from the Quran or the Sunnah, which states that everything can be based on logic? Why should everything appeal to logic to be acceptable? There are so many verses in the Qu...
by Islam Religion on Jun 16, 2016

WebEx Participant Control Is A Mute Point

Wait… wait… It's a pun! Misusing "moot" and "mute" is a pet peeve of mine. But this post really is all about muting. One of my clients just had their hosted WebEx Meeting Center account updated to build WBS31 (specifically...&...
by The Webinar Blog on Jun 13, 2016

A Cross-Cultural View Of Webinars

I just tripped across an old article referencing an even older book. But the concept it outlined was new to me and has profound implications for presentations to global audiences. The article is from two and a half years ago....   ...
by The Webinar Blog on May 16, 2016

The Problem With Post-Webinar Surveys

I am a big fan of post-webinar surveys. They are a great way to check on the effectiveness of your content, gauge audience satisfaction, and gather additional information that can assist in lead qualification. Many (if not most) webinar technologies.
by The Webinar Blog on Apr 21, 2016

Are Your Webinar Attendees Satisfied?

Blog reader Emma wrote me today to ask if there was a way to compare the webinar satisfaction ratings her organization collects on their educational/informational webinars with those of a larger cross-segment of the population. After all, you aren...
by The Webinar Blog on Mar 29, 2016

Finding Comments From A Single Webinar Attendee

Loyal blog reader Frank wrote in with an interesting question about managing typed chat or questions from attendees. He wanted to know if I could name a web conferencing platform or aftermarket app that lets a webinar presenter or moderator... &...
by The Webinar Blog on Mar 2, 2016

What You Need To Know About GoToWebinar Panelists vs Organizers

Citrix GoToWebinar identifies each participant in a web conferences with an assigned role status. The three roles are: Attendee, Panelist, and Organizer. Attendees watch the presentation and can't make changes that affect other participants. Thei...
by The Webinar Blog on Feb 25, 2016

Rebelling Against Boring PowerPoint Templates One Mango At A Time

Last week I moderated a webinar for the National Mango Board. I thought their presentation slide deck deserved a blog post, as it is a breath of fresh air in a world of boring, conventional corporate slide shows. I uploaded...    ...
by The Webinar Blog on Feb 23, 2016

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