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El Crucero de las Locas: Boat Trip (2003) DVDrip

Jerry, un hombre responsable que sueña con casarse, se queda devastado cuando su novia Felicia le abandona. Deprimido, con el corazón roto y embarcado en un crucero para gays, piensa que las cosas no pueden ir a peor… hasta que conoce a Gabri...
by on Jun 23, 2016

That Ass On Victoria

Just anther day in the life for the former "Playmate of the Year" Victoria Silvstedt. The Swedish beauty seems to spend the majority of her life on a Yacht.
by n-yo-face on Aug 4, 2015

Victoria With Actual Clothes On

I am sitting here scratching my head trying to remember the last time we saw Victoria and her fine self in something other than a bikini and I just can't. Anyways, here she is fully dressed, (OK skimpy as shit) but still fully dressed while out shopp...
by n-yo-face on Jul 13, 2015

Victoria Out On A Yacht

Seems like its been forever since we seen Victoria, but here she is in a bikini trying to show the world that she still has a body. She was on a yacht in Ibiza this past weekend (seems its all she does all year round). I remember the good ole days wh...
by n-yo-face on Jun 16, 2015

Victoria Out Paddle Boarding

These pictures of Victoria are pretty much the same as you have been seeing for the last few years, ya know her in a bikini on the beach or in the water. Even at 40 years old the Swedish bombshell is still looking damn good, (well except for the fact...
by n-yo-face on Jan 27, 2015

Victoria In Yellow Bikini

You know damn well Victoria has to end the year pretty much the same way she started it, in a bikini while on vacation in Miami. It would seem that after all this time the beaches in Miami would get tired of the Scandinavian blond bombshell but that...
by n-yo-face on Dec 31, 2014

Victoria With Some Friends

You remember back in the day when Victoria was relevant and in Playboy and everything? Well it seems that to some she is still extremely relevant and its clear that she is just about everywhere. Just last week she was in St. Tropez with some friends.
by n-yo-face on Jun 29, 2014

Victoria Silvstedt Upskirt Panty in Saint Tropez

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by sabmaal on Jun 26, 2014

Victoria Once Again In A Bikini

Before you even say a word, yes I know you can't believe that Victoria is yet again in a bikini on the beach. I think that she actually lives on the beach for a certain period of time during the year. Its hard to grasp the fact that through all these...
by n-yo-face on Mar 9, 2014

Victoria In A Bikini..... Again!

As another year comes to a close we have to remember one important thing: at any given time during the year you will always see a lady on the beach and or in a bikini. Victoria here seems to live on a beach year round and I am really starting to thin...
by n-yo-face on Dec 31, 2013

Victoria Enjoying Some Sun

Here is ya Swedish bombshell Victoria doing what she does best these days, putting on a bikini and enjoying some time at the beach. There is no denying the fact that she USE to be one of the hottest ladies in the world but at some point ya just have...
by n-yo-face on Nov 27, 2013

Victoria Just Loves The Beach

Fuck, I miss the good ole days when Victoria was actually relevant in Hollywood, now she is just a 38 year old lady spending countless days on the beach partying it up. I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with seeing her on the beach in a swimsui...
by n-yo-face on Sep 17, 2013

Victoria In A Bikini Again

I don't have an exact answer as to why I keep posting pictures of Victoria in a bikini but, well just look at them and enjoy. Being 38 years old she doesn't look all that bad. Its a damn shame she spent all that money on them fake breasts of hers and...
by n-yo-face on Aug 26, 2013

Victoria Has No Shame

For the past few years the only time we ever see Victoria is when she is a bikini taking a vacation. On this particular vacation she was having no shame at all just peeing anywhere she felt the need. I understand when you have to go you have to go bu...
by n-yo-face on Jul 7, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt Hot Pictures Collection

Victoria Silvstedt Hot Pictures Collection – At last weekend. But of course we want you not only send the cold and lonely days off. Therefore, we have some photos of a hot lady. Our choice fell on Victoria Silvstedt, a Swedish model. Victoria i...
by Celesto News on May 25, 2013

Victoria Is On Vacation

Isn't Victoria like always on vacation or something? The thing that bothers me most about these pictures is the fact that she tries to cover up them "puppies" of hers when she stands up. What happened to the good ole days "Your in the hot tub with Vi...
by n-yo-face on May 15, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt in a Pink Bikini

I feel like I should be over Victoria Silvstedt by now but she still has some sort of weird hook in me because I still find her to be pretty damn hot! Here she is wearing a pink bikini on a yacht (as always) somewhere in France! I’d have no problem...
by Celebrity Gossip on May 15, 2013

Victoria Showing Her Body

In my eyes this lady right here will always be extremely beautiful. I can close my eyes and remember her in the movie "BASEketball", I can also remember her playboy layout.  You have to give it up to her, at 38 years old she is still smokin with...
by n-yo-face on Jan 10, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Hotness On St Barts Beach Again

by Sexys Girl on Jan 10, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt 2013

This is a very unique, hot & attractive image collection of Victoria Silvstedt. You will really love this image gallery of Victoria Silvstedt 2013.
by JaiPals on Dec 15, 2012

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