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18 Year Old Computer Collector Buys a IBM z890 Mainframe

  At 18 years of age he has already been collecting for years. Most of his collection are things like Commodore and Apple computers. These can sit on a shelf and be moved around with ease. When he saw an IBM z890 Mainframe up for grabs he jumpe...
by Hacked Gadgets on May 29, 2016

Vintage Multimeter Teardown – Weston 6000

  Kuzyatech has acquired a a Weston 6000, Vintage Multimeter and performed a very detailed Teardown of the device. The meter looks very interesting but it sure isn’t the most ergonomic unit. It isn’t shown in the picture but the mult...
by Hacked Gadgets on Mar 12, 2014

QSC A21 Amplifier Repair

  Maxxarcade demonstrates a QSC A21 Amplifier Repair, the defective amp would blow the fuse on power up. He has an interesting technique of using a variac and a low wattage light bulb in series with the power input to lessen the current draw to...
by Hacked Gadgets on Mar 1, 2014

Mercury Arc Rectifier

    This is an interesting look into old school rectifiers. Mercury Arc Rectifier have now been replaced with solid state bridge rectifiers which are inexpensive and reliable. I wonder how many of these Mercury Arc Rectifiers are still in opera...
by Hacked Gadgets on Sep 22, 2013

Shy Light

  Have a look at this fun project called the Shy Light. The light doesn’t like to be seen in public and uses a basket to hide in. X10 and two microcontrollers are being used to get the job done. “Why TWO Microcontrollers? The Dual-Mi...
by Hacked Gadgets on Dec 2, 2012

Old 16 Segment Display on top of The Great Coal Mine, Coney Island

    Bruce sent in a link to this cool picture of a very old display in this 1901 picture (top of the tallest building in the picture). It looks to be a primitive 16 segment display. The building is The Great Coal Mine, Coney Island. I wonder wh...
by Hacked Gadgets on Apr 22, 2012

Nixie Tube IN-18 Tester

  Who would have thought that in 2012 we would have a need for Nixie tube testers since this was a technology that was only developed and used because things like LEDs didn’t exist. Since the technology is so cool it has remained as a tech...
by Hacked Gadgets on Jan 31, 2012

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