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Morocco holidays: Popular festivities & Celebrations

Morocco holidays- Are you planning your holidays in Morocco? Well, it is going to be something really special.  Especially that this dream destination has so many things to do and see.  Morocco is the juncture where East meets West and is also a st...
by So Moroccan on Dec 4, 2016

Amazing Cuba

The Happy Nomad Cuba is the biggest Caribbean island and definitely the most unique. You might already know how different it is from reading some articles online or watching some programs about it, but once you get... by Diego Garcia | Am...
by The Happy Nomad on Sep 3, 2016

Visiting Australia for the First Time? Here are a Few Tips.

In another few weeks, Australia will be entering its peak travel season. Millions of visitors from North America, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world will flock to the land down under in search of their own adventures – whether its food, wil...
by Blog on Aug 26, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 4)

When summer falls,there is this serenity in the air, as if time has stopped for a while. Mornings are beautiful anyways, but there is something about the summer morning of London that cannot be explained. It is peaceful yet haphazard. It is quiet yet...
by Finding Neverland on Aug 22, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 3)

London is like a cold dark dreams sometimes, for me it has been a dream come true, a dream I never want to wake up from.This city and its people have given me so much. So much in every way possible and every way imaginable without even k.London and i...
by Finding Neverland on Aug 14, 2016

Visit a Beautiful Flowers Garden in Cambodia

Visit a Beautiful Flowers Garden in CambodiaIt's a beautiful flowers garden. There are a lots of sunflowers, red flowers, yellow flowers and many other kind of flowers. To be there, take a fresh air, make good feeling.Watch videos below:Beautiful Flo...

To London, with Love (Part 2)

A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else. There is so much to love about this place and the people.Waking up to a beautiful morning and doing the traditional breakfast. Going out and top-uping your oyster card, then walking a...
by Finding Neverland on Aug 6, 2016

Things To Do In Orlando With Teens

So you arrive in Orlando Florida with your teenager in tow and the first thing out of their mouth is I’m bored.  You realize quickly [...] The post Things To Do In Orlando With Teens appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Aug 5, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 1)

'Welcome to London', the security guard said the moment I was about to step out of Heathrow Airport.'You will fall in love with this city', he kept on talking while I just kept on looking here and there trying to absorb the fact that I was finally in...
by Finding Neverland on Jul 28, 2016

A Roundup of Bursa Videos

In recent years, the Bursa provincial government (under the name Ulu Şehir) has commissioned a number of outstanding short videos highlighting some of Bursa’s neat attractions. A few others travelers have made some nice Bursa videos as well. Many...
by The Best of Bursa on Jul 9, 2016

Photos and Videos of Wildlife Alliance visits Mong Reththy Group

Photos and Videos of Wildlife Alliance visits Mong Reththy GroupWildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife. Their mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering wit...

Morocco Travel: 10 Tips for Visiting Morocco during Ramadan

If you are considering a vacation to Morocco during Ramadan or visiting a region with a large muslim community, the ideal way is to consider and understand the local culture and customs during this period.  Take a look: What is Ramadan: Ramada...
by So Moroccan on May 28, 2016

Give Me a Break: A Trip To The North East

The other day one of my old school friends called on me and I was so immersed in my work that I was hardly attentive to what he was saying, my replies too were very curt. He probably thought that I wasn't interested in talking to him and so he went b...
by Candid Opinions on May 27, 2016

Jennifer Aniston Loses Mom After Visiting Her For The First Time In Five Years

Jennifer Aniston’s estranged mother has died aged 79. Former actress Nancy Dow passed away peacefully surrounded by friends and family after suffering from a long illness. According to In Touch magazine, Nancy had lost the ability to speak and...
by Oh Zina on May 26, 2016

Star Wars Actor John Boyega Planning On Visiting Nigeria Soon

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega has revealed that he’s planning to visit Nigeria soon. The Star wars actor revealed this in a tweet he sent out via his official Twitter handle that he was planning on a visit to Nigeria soon. The post Star Wars...
by Oh Zina on May 14, 2016

How to go to Las Vegas on the Cheap

Sin City, the City of Lights, Glitter Gulch, the Entertainment Capital of the world, or whatever you may call Las Vegas, it is an item on many bucket lists. In 2015, over 42 million people visited the city. Groups of bachelor and bachelorette parties...
by Debt Free Living Guru on May 10, 2016

Turismo en la Provincia de Rio Negro

Rio Negro una provincia que lo tiene todo!  En Río Negro, el mar cálido y transparente, los valles de diferentes verdes, la estepa y las pinturas rupestres conviven con el turismo de aventura que se alimenta de los cerros y las aguas precipit...

Istanbul to Bursa Day Trips

One convenient way that tourists can visit Bursa is by taking a guided, one-day excursion from Istanbul. Though I might strongly suggest that Bursa deserves more time and attention than a single day, Istanbul to Bursa day trips are a popular choice...
by The Best of Bursa on Apr 20, 2016

Bursa Articles Available on the GPSmyCity iOS App!

Good news for iPad/iPhone users! Select Bursa articles are now available at GPSmyCity! We’ve offered a couple of our most useful articles for publication on the GPSmyCity iOS mobile app. The GPSmyCity iOS app allows readers to download articles and...
by The Best of Bursa on Apr 16, 2016

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

I visited Callaway Gardens on a perfect Georgia day. Warm. Cloudless. Soft breeze. At the beginning, I wasn’t all that impressed. The place was scenic in a “seen it” sort of way. Roads meandering among wooded areas and around lakes.
by Bertram's Blog on Apr 7, 2016

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