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What To Watch For: Fins - Raiders In London

When square shouldered American footballers storm into London’s Wembley Stadium this weekend, 80,000 odd sports fans will hope for a spectacle. They’ll anticipate heroic quarterbacking, rampaging rushes and pulverising tackling. But just as it is...
by Why Football Is Cool on Sep 25, 2014

Week 4 Monday Morning Hangover, Where It’s Time to Call It a Day on JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell Photo Credit: Icon SMI So much for the Oakland Raiders competing in the AFC West this season. After giving the San Diego Chargers a spirited run for their money in a Week 1 24-20 loss, then slipping by the Kansas City Chiefs in Week...
by Empty the Bench on Oct 5, 2009

Fantasy Football – Week 4 QB Rankings

We’re three weeks in, and it’s already (finally?) time to downgrade Tom Brady. It’s not that ‘ol Tom is having a terrible fantasy season: going into his Week 4 matchup at home against the Baltimore Ravens, the 32-year-old is...
by Empty the Bench on Oct 2, 2009

Fantasy Football – Week 4 TE Rankings

Dreaded bye weeks have hit. Four stating TEs will be out this week, making the rankings a little more difficult to fill out – and that much more important.
by Empty the Bench on Oct 2, 2009

Fantasy Football – Week 4 Defense Rankings

New York Giants Photo Credit: Icon SMI You know it’s a weird week for team defenses when the Cincinnati Bungles DEF is nearly a must-start, on the road. Of course, it’s no ordinary road game: it’s against cross-state “rival&#...
by Empty the Bench on Oct 2, 2009

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