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Tso Kar-Taglang La-Leh-Dras-Srinagar

J&K complete logs here After the lucky sighting of the Little Owl at the Thupche village and after a quick visit to the monastery there, we were back to the resort for some hot food and much needed rest. The rooms were insulated from the cold...
by Huchchara Santhe on Aug 16, 2016

A Wrinkled Eye

The elegant eye of a Wrinkled Hornbill.
by Wild Eye View on Jul 31, 2016

A Frosty Fish Eagle Morning

An early morning flight of a Fish Eagle at a frosty Lake Panic in Kruger National Park.
by Wild Eye View on Jun 25, 2016

Walking on Water

I don’t know where all the birds in Australia have gone. One things for sure, wherever they are it’s nowhere where we have been looking the past few weeks.  So this morning, not wanting to drive two hours somewhere and comeback empty han...
by Wild Eye View on Apr 16, 2016

A Qantas Rooscape

What do you do when a kangaroo hops past as the sun rises. You photograph it and hope for the best!
by Wild Eye View on Mar 30, 2016

The Need for Speed (and some patience)

Photographing birds in flight and coming away with a few sharp frames is very satisfying. Photographing swallows and getting anything is a bonus. Coming away with a whole bunch of shots happens very rarely. Welcome Swallows, like all swallows are sup...
by Wild Eye View on Mar 30, 2016

A Harlequin Gem

I always find it amazing that the smallest of the world’s creatures, be they bugs like this Hibiscus Harlequin Bug, birds, fish, butterflies, lizards etc somehow are often the most colorful while the big stuff is rather drab.
by Wild Eye View on Mar 5, 2016

Almost Dainty

Almost Dainty. This Dainty Swallowtail Butterfly in the making has been chewing up the leaves of my lime tree!
by Wild Eye View on Mar 4, 2016

Little Bee-Eater

by Pinch of Adventure on Mar 4, 2016

The Pygmy Predator

One of my most prized bird photography captures; a Pygmy Falcon. At about 20 cm in size it’s Africa’s smallest raptor and a perfect miniature of the bigger raptor species. Despite it’s size its a ruthless predator preying mainly on...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 20, 2016

An Eye for Yellow Eyes

The sharp yellow eyes of a Yellow Mongoose staring the camera out. Just what I like!
by Wild Eye View on Feb 20, 2016

gobble♫, gobble ♫, gobble it up!~~ < ~~ great egret from bali♫

< ~~ great egret from bali♫"> It was another early start…. meant we got in the shooting place at the perfect time *before the sunrise… set up the little boat, did our stuff, and hung about with egrets… just waiting the start of the da...
by web networkings on Feb 20, 2016

Pangong Tso - Chumathang - Sumdo - Tso Kar

J&K complete logs here. After surviving the howling winds and a chilly night, I pulled up myself to step out and have a look at what was on offer. The campsite was facing the lake and vista views of the lake and the rising sun was what await...
by Huchchara Santhe on Feb 19, 2016

Leh - Chang La - Pangong Tso

J&K complete logs here. Further to what I had said in the earlier post, below is an Alpine Accentor, found in the high altitude region feasting on a noodle nibble discarded atop Khardung La. Polluting here is an serious issue and we all are res...
by Huchchara Santhe on Feb 7, 2016

Surviving By The Scruff Of The Neck

Life as a hatchling  is always a precarious time in a birds life. There are plenty of opportunists looking for tender young meat. If you are lucky to survive you prepare yourself as best you can to take that first leap of faith into fresh air and ho...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 6, 2016

Khardung La-Panamik-Leh

J&K complete logs here. We took a day off after arriving in Leh, a little tired of the long travel done so far and we used the day to acclimatize and look around Leh and we also had to get the vehicle checked. Thikse monastery was the only pla...
by Huchchara Santhe on Jan 31, 2016

The Nosy Horse

So there I was, photographing an old farmyard barn when this nosy horse walks over to check what’s going on!
by Wild Eye View on Jan 25, 2016

Kargil-Fotu la-Lamayuru-Leh

J&K complete logs here. Up early with the excitement of reaching Leh, we moved ahead and soon after Kargil town, the landscape that was dominantly green gave way to shades of brown before we were completely engulfed with views of browns all aro...
by Huchchara Santhe on Jan 24, 2016

A Tick Bird Treat

How is it you can never find a good Oxpecker when you need one?
by Wild Eye View on Jan 16, 2016

On Top of The Pile

An Australian Brush Turkey sits on the top of his nest; a huge pile of dried leaves and sticks meticulously scratched together.
by Wild Eye View on Jan 16, 2016

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