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Windows Uninstaller: Desinstala programas desde el menú contextual de Windows

Desinstalar un programa en Windows es sencillo. El sistema operativo de Microsoft tiene una herramienta predeterminada para realizar dicha tarea, aunque también existen programas alternativos que son de gran ayuda. Si se mantienen fieles a la opció...
by SoftwareLogia on Jan 29, 2013

Options for Windows Uninstaller

Do you have some doubts on what method to do with Windows Uninstaller? Have you had some problems with the presence of so many applications (used and not in use) in the computer? Then, maybe you need to clear up the clutter and go clean your computer...
by Techmistry on Jun 17, 2011

Windows Uninstaller

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by downloadpluss on Aug 3, 2009

Bench the Windows uninstaller!

Anyone who uses the uninstaller included with Windows knows how frustrating it is to have to clean up left behind folders and files manually. Some people may not be aware of this, however, and so have a messy clutter of old files and folders left on...

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