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PSA: Windows Phone Marketplace now requires Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft warned us last month that it would be snipping legacy OS support in Windows Phone Marketplace within a few weeks, and it just made good on that heads-up. As of now, you’ll need at least a Windows Phone 7.5 device to shop for, review a...
by 2dayBlog on May 25, 2012

Nokia axes Skype client on Lumia 610, claims user experience wasn’t ‘up to par’

It took nearly a full month, but Nokia has finally been convinced that Skype is indeed incompatible with low-memory Windows Phones. In reaching out to a spokesperson, the company confirmed to us that it has decided to yank the official client from th...
by 2dayBlog on May 23, 2012

Windows Phone Developer Summit coming June 20th, makes for one busy month

Just in case June wasn’t busy enough for mobile app developers, between Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O, Microsoft has thrown its hat into the ring. It’s scheduling a Windows Phone Developer Summit in San Francisco for June 20th and 21s...
by 2dayBlog on May 4, 2012

Samsung’s SGH-i667 “Mandel” Windows Phone surfaces, still shrouded in mystery

Sure, today’s gadget news is saturated with Samsung’s newGalaxy S III, but lest we forget that it’s been a hot minute since its released a Windows Phone device. The last we saw were the Focus S and Flash, and that was right around...
by Mob-99 on May 4, 2012

Microsoft cuts pre-Mango holdouts, Zune desktop software off from WP7 app purchases

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team is making a few changes to how users are able to acquire apps on their devices but luckily, they probably won’t affect most of you. Starting today, users can no longer get apps from the Zune desktop software...
by 2dayBlog on Apr 25, 2012

Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) reportedly coming to ‘all’ WP smartphones

We’ve heard it rumored, but this is as close to an official confirmation as we’ve seen. Windows Phone 8, affectionately known as Apollo ’round these parts, will reportedly be available on every single Windows Phone device to ever sh...
by 2dayBlog on Apr 18, 2012

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